June 2024 Recap

There’s so much in June for the kids’ end of school festivities and with my work fiscal year-end. We finished strong but I’m also really looking forward to a little more relaxed July! My bffs celebrated our birthdays with a long weekend to Charleston and that included tons of good food, drinks, and a lot of walking. Mr. J didn’t get the greatest birthday or Father’s day celebrations but agreed to a burger and his one gift he wanted.

The Hawaiian Burger was the star this month. It was so juicy and the pineapple slaw was a great addition.

I gave this strawberry lemonade smoothie a refresh from 2015. The extra became popsicles and were fantastic that way.

Lastly, I loaded up Cranberry Nut Chicken Salad and loved it.

July means lots of day camps for both kids this year, which also means packing anything they’ll agree to eat as lunches. I picture more pool time. I have a bfast idea I can’t wait to try out! We are probably overdue for apps for dinner so I’ll have to make that happen.

https://templedavid.org/symons/1pl9azxxk1n The Big Kid:
He’s done with 3rd grade! It was a really great year and I love to see him grow up in so many ways. He’s Celtics obsessed and went to the parade. He picked friends instead of the whole class for his end of year party and they are a nice group. He got to see his big cousins play all the sports as their seasons ended.

go site The Little One:
She had a great time having field day for the first time. She also hosted her first ever end of year party with her class and dance friends. It felt a little sad for kindergarten to be over but I think she’ll feel very comfortable joining the elementary school and with kids who are more used to being at school than in kindergarten. She grumbles about swim lessons but does everything and we can see such growth in her strength.

source site Goals for this year:
enter Year of small businesses/artisans/writers: I picked cute earrings in Charleston
Buy Xanax Bar Online More meatless meals: hmmm. Maybe not a lot
https://annmorrislighting.com/lpie0fs3wj sandwiches and salads: I made cranberry nut chicken salad!
https://pkuatm.org/2024/05/13/b4bjnu1vbl a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time: I had margaritas with the moms’ night out group at El Centro and was reminded to get there soon.
https://aguasamazonicas.org/dm54g4vp9 redo photos – this strawberry lemonade smoothie a refresh from 2015
Buy Diazepam Cheap Online Uk what I’m reading: I read Banyan Moon and was really into it. Then, my fav author had a new book: Anita de Monte Laughs Last by Xohchitl Gonzalez had so much to it. I also read Mad Honey which is one I’ll remember forever and wasn’t expecting. It was a really good reading month.

May 2024 Recap

May is a marathon with lots of fun things, true feelings of spring to summer, and also, work is so busy so the month is FULL. We had some fun food and got outside much more.

I made a Street Corn Pasta Salad which felt like familiar flavors in a unique format.

Then I gave a refresh to the beloved Ranch Chicken Burgers we’ve been repeating 4x a year, since 2012!

I turned sausage & peppers subs into burrito-ish wraps. They had great cheesy and mustardy flavors!

My love for rice bowls runs deep so I did a Chicken Parm rice bowl theme.

Chicken Parm Rice Bowl - The Three Bite Rule

June will include a my bffs trip, that busy end of the school year, the end of the fiscal year at work, and of course flag day which is only a big deal in our town. I’ll make a birthday burger, a redo is on the menu, and some other spring/summer ideas.

Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale The Big Kid:
We’re wrapping up the baseball season and school is a max capacity. There are so many field trips, spring concert, field day, the art show, and so much more. We keep hoping we’ll have the last spelling homework packet but eventually it has to be the last one! He got a new bike and is obsessed. It was shocking to see him this spring on his old one where he looked like a clown on a tiny one!

https://thegreathighway.com/oxaddm8ld The Little One:
She had her dance recital to wrap up the year and really loved it this year. Her class is huge and I loved that she wasn’t nervous this year. She too had a field trip and will have another one coming up. We got a load of hand-me-down dresses and she’s in her glory with more sequins. She loves playground time during the baseball games and is very into egg salad for quick or picnic dinners.

https://someawesomeminecraft.com/2024/05/13/j1lcxxg2 Goals for this year:
https://aaerj.org.br/2024/05/13/aerqyytchu Year of small businesses/artisans/writers: I didn’t get to it this month.
https://yplocal.us/01upbdyv6kb More meatless meals: We had peanut sesame noodles & edamame recently!
https://dentaris-sa.com/2024/05/13/n4uc28vse sandwiches and salads: salad bar dinner one night & a few salad kits were a nice change!
Buy Real Diazepam Online Uk a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time: Mom and I hadn’t been to lunch at Legal Seafoods for chowder in a very long time!
https://www.jacobysaustin.com/2024/05/81mx7vm redo photos – Ranch Chicken burgers got a refresh since 2012 and apartment life!
Cheap Xanax Online Pharmacy what I’m reading: I read Sunshine Nails which was pretty good- it’d be perfect for vacation. The List was kind of a letdown…it was not really worth it. Alternatively, I was very captivated by First Lie Wins which I sought out for a page-turner I could undo the last two I hadn’t loved. I’m pretty obsessed with some others and should finish any day.

April 2024 Recap

April was such a whirlwind with school vacation getaway to Mystic & Legoland, a few social plans, a few dr’s appts, and the start of baseball season!

In the kitchen, I made a few fun things! I took inspiration from Tacobell and made a Taco Pizza – which is kind of a quesadilla pizza? That gets confusing but whatever you call it, it was delicious and was such a meal from the refried beans and ground meet middle layer.

I made a red velvet waffle that is so good and could also be pancakes! I froze the rest and toast them to order!

The Three Bite Rule - Red Velvet Waffles

A chopped Greek salad rounded out the blog posts and is perfectly hardy to pack for lunch, dinner on the go, or for a group.

Chopped Greek Salad - The Three Bite Rule

May is another full one – lots of baseball and the last dance classes and recital! At work reunion is coming up. Foodwise, it’ll mean some quick or packable dinners, likely more grilling, and more salads. I love this change of seasons and am glad for more time outside.

Buy Cheap Xanax Cod Overnight The Big Kid:
He is getting into the baseball season. We loved seeing him follow the map at Legoland! He thought the vending machines were one of the best parts of staying at a hotel. He’s had lots of birthday parties lately. He is still into bananas and loves a bacon, egg & cheese.

click here The Little One:
She is our adrenaline junkie – she LOVED the roller coaster at Legoland. It was great to see her eat really well on vacation. She went to a Taylor Swift Dance Party birthday party and loved it. I was happy to see her have fun with girls in her class. There was about a week on and off of her under the weather – she had a headache and was better, then tired and was better, wasn’t hungry, then was better.

https://emduk.org/cb532lnh0x Goals for this year:
https://photovisions.ca/ekzqj817 Year of small businesses/artisans/writers: It was time for a springy scent from Paperback Candles.
follow url More meatless meals: Hmmm.
https://grannysglasses.com/?p=pcx3qb9nw sandwiches and salads: Chopped Greek salad!
https://aguasamazonicas.org/ghzb46eqmah a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time: We went to dinner at Jinny’s Pizza in Newton and looooved it. Our trip to Mystic & Legoland counts too!
https://annmorrislighting.com/cdq4rqgn8l redo photos – none this month.
Buy Diazepam 2Mg Uk what I’m reading: I read The Cuban Heiress which was pretty good but I think some of her other titles have more Cuba in them! I also read Hey Ladies! which was also ok. Then I read You, Again which again was entertaining but not amazing. I read The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches and thought it was cute.

March 2024 Recap

March was a celebratory month – my birthday! I had a fun family dinner, a really fun night out for indoor mini golfing and dinner with friends, and booked a getaway with my college roomies. Highlights this month was a work trip to NYC and a very fun hibachi dinner for my nephew’s birthday.

These Chicken Cordon Bleu Rice Bowls were the best thing from my kitchen – the kids were wayyy more into this than I expected.

I gave these blueberry pie smoothies a facelift since the 2014 debut!

Orzo with boursin and sundried tomatoes was so good and couldn’t be easier.

I cannot wait for April vacation and we’re ready for some springy weather. I have a breakfast idea, maybe a salad, maybe something Mexican-ish.

https://aaerj.org.br/2024/05/13/8hczn2m The Big Kid:
He is doing indoor baseball clinics and is loving it. Any item in his hand becomes tossed into the air. I’m helping his class with bookclubs and like we all know, the teachers are not revered or compensated as they should be. His teacher was getting them reading that days chapter for 3 different book groups, helping with vocabulary words, giving discussion prompts, keeping kids on task, allowing bathroom trips, and having some read aloud to her all while they wiggle, drop pencils, and repeated ask which graphic organizer they’re supposed to use. They are very fun to chat with about their books.

https://domainebregeon.com/120fsn4yq The Little One:
She went to a Frozen Tea Party Sing-Along which was very cute. She survived pink eye – the medication drops just about did her in. We are trying very hard to get more food into her and are focused on calorie dense options. She learned her whole ballet and tap dances for the recital in May. The kids are very into walkie-talkies and the closet forts continue.

source link Goals for this year:
get link Year of small businesses/artisans/writers: I got a whole bag of local treasures from my bffs. It was perfect.
go here More meatless meals: peanut sesame noodles & edamame
https://restoreredspruce.org/2024/05/13/e4ncl4w6w6 sandwiches and salads: we had Jersey Mike’s one day and made our own salad bar
https://templedavid.org/symons/jvothos9ep a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time: We went to Puttershack for my birthday and I loved every second of it!
redo photos – blueberry pie smoothies!
what I’m reading: I read ‘West with Giraffes’ for bookclub and found it very captivating. For a non-fiction pic, I read ‘Extremely Online’ and it was very well done but so dense. ‘Lucie Yi is Not a Romantic‘ was a palate cleanser and pretty cute. I did not like ‘Good Material’ it wasn’t for me.

February 2024 Round up

February wrapping up brings us that much closer to my birthday! It was a fun and full month. School vacation with a getaway to NH was the best!

In the kitchen, I made chicken bacon & ranch meatballs

I love this tomato jam and it is perfect in a grilled cheese!

Lastly, I did a hot chocolate dip for dessert. It could have been cutely shaped like a football but we just dipped regularly.

Hot Chocolate Dip - The Three Bite Rule

For March, I will definitely share a grain bowl, and maybe a could be a side/could be a main. I’m not sure what else. I will have some birthday festivities and maybe a quick work trip.

The Big Kid:
He is having a good time at basketball which was supposed to end but magically has 2 more games. His food obsession is bananas. He and I went to see a play of Mr. Popper’s Penguins and it was so much fun. He’s watching all the basketball and all star games etc. He was thrilled to shoot hoops and play video games with his cousins.

The Little One:
She likes dance class but has a hard time stopping playing to get ready to go. She lives in pjs if we’re not leaving the house. She is our adrenalin junkie and wasn’t at all scared of mountain tubing and the roller coaster adventure park.

Goals for this year:
Year of small businesses/artisans/writers: I bought heart earrings for Valentine’s Day!
More meatless meals: hmm. I’m not sure we hit this.
sandwiches and salads: for the superbowl we had make-your-own BLT sliders
a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time: Our NH trip was new to us- we went to the Ice Castles and Cranmore for tubing and adventure park
redo photos – none this month
what I’m reading: I read One in a Millennial by Kate Kennedy and bravely went to the live show. Both were amazing. I fell for The Wishing Game which was part Willy Wonka & part ‘And Then There Were None’. A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting was cute, perhaps predictable, and a fun escape. Lastly, I read The Guest List which was worth the hype.

January 2024 Recap

January is really that long. We did a lot – some get togethers, date night dinners, our guy turned 9 and had fun celebrations. Basketball and dance class has rounded out this month!

In the kitchen, I made a honey cinnamon chai latte for a nice afternoon treat!

This French Onion Burrito was brought to you by the color brown, but was warm and filling without being too heavy.

We had some Loaded Snack Mix with some really interesting additions. Make it for game-day!

Lastly, this beloved Greek Dip got a little revamp from the original circa 2012!

The Big Kid:
He had such a fun birthday. He had pizza, a basketball cake, and presents with the family. Then the next day he met a few friends. I was surprised it wasn’t into having a full party. He had such a nice group. Basketball has been fun – he scored! We are having a great time reading Harry Potter – we’re onto #2.

The Little One:
She went to a few birthdays and is eager for hers (ahem – in August), and to lose a tooth. She loves snow but is sometimes an indoor cat – if it means not having to get out of jammies.

For February – I’m ready for the snacker bowl and we have a little getaway for February vacation!

Goals for this year:
Year of small businesses/artisans/writers: I bought a book from a local-to-work bookstore!
More meatless meals: tacos with meatless mix was a hit.
sandwiches and salads: sausage subs with peppers and onions
a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time: We had a date night to Citizen Crust and looooved crispy cauliflower app and a Roman pizza with pineapple and Korean BBQ sauce!
redo photos – this Greek dip was from 2012!
what I’m reading: I read Did You Hear About Kitty Karr and ended up loving it – I had heard it compared to Evelyn Hugo (nothing compares) so I was judgy to start. Then I read Tom Lake and loved the storytelling style. I read The Chateau which made me want to go to France – minus the murder. For bookclub, we read We All Want Impossible Things and I was so-so on this one.

December 2023 Recap

December is such a whirlwind. I start the month feeling like there there’s lots of time to eat, drink, decorate, shop, and be festive. It went by so quickly! We saw Santa, went to the movies, T started basketball, C is back to dance, the Nutcracker, birthday parties, both kids had different theme days.

I made some chocolate dipped chips:

Next up came some lasagna bowls:

Then, I did a round up of 5 ingredient dinners.

For January, I’m looking forward to our guy turning 9! The kids will have basketball games and dance classes but we like a little quietness and routine. I switch decor to be snowmen and winter so we don’t go from all to nothing. January as me thinking of another grain bowl or wrap – still sussing out the format and I think there’s a new hot drink coming up too.

The Big Kid:
He’s so into sports stats right now. He loves anything mint flavored so this is a great time of year for him. It was fun to see him shop for his sister – he thought carefully but committed to his decisions and was ready. He’s been working really hard on spelling, despite hating it (I hear ya, kid)!

The Little One:
She had so many ideas for Christmas gifts. Any outfit benefits from a princess dress added on top. She was thrilled to get a pajama day at school. Both kids are still eating halloween candy.

Goals for this year: 
Year of small businesses/artisans/writers: I bought a book by a first-time author.
More meatless meals: pizza beans!
sandwiches and salads: we had salad bar on night
a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time: we’re sneaking a dinner out just as the month ends to Abby Park.
redo photos – oops
what I’m reading: I read Holding Pattern which was fine – not a winner. Then I read The Daydreams and loved it for those who who watched 90s/00s shows from Disney or CW etc and can picture it. I read The Perfect Marriage and liked it. Finally, I read Christmas Orphan’s Club which was very cute and festive.

Fast 5-Ingredient Meals

The countdown to Christmas is on and now’s the time for fast dinners that that are crowd pleasers and most importantly, take minimal thought. I assume you have takeout and regular freezer favorites and pasta covered. These may help bridge the gap of some balance but not magic.

1. Grilled cheese & tomato soup
1 can tomato soup + 1 (28 oz) can of kitchen ready tomatoes + 2 tablespoons cream/half & half
sliced bread + cheese
One can of basic tomato soup and one large can of kitchen-ready tomatoes. Blend it if your eaters want it smooth (like mine!) and a drizzle of milk or cream at the end and it will be perfect. Add anything you like to the grilled cheese. Cut into sticks for easy dipping if you’re feeling fancy.

The Three Bite Rule - French Grilled Cheese

2. Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Biscuits/Crescents
Rotisserie chicken + ranch dressing + bacon + tube of biscuits or crescents
serve with salad/veggies with more ranch
Chicken, bacon and ranch can take a bunch of formats – as crescents, they’ll assemble & go into the oven. The last time we had them, I tossed the shredded chicken in ranch and put onto biscuits like a sandwich. The kids were both into it! Or serve as loaded fries. Or make a Greek turnover.

The Three Bite Rule - Chicken Bacon Ranch Turnovers

3. Pizza Beans
2 cans of white beans + tomato sauce + cheese + any other pizza toppings you like
We have pizza beans regularly – anyone can top as they’d like and it comes together in 10 minutes. These are a good way to use some small amounts of ingredients or sauce from the freezer. Or give a Mexican twist for Taco Beans!

The Three Bite Rule - Pizza Beans

4. Corn Quesadillas in Herb Butter
Tortillas + corn + butter + herbs
These corn and cilantro butter quesadillas are so good and anything added to a quesadilla will turn dinner into a meal. Swap the corn for black beans or butternut squash or mushrooms or chorizo, or any-thing. Serve with black beans or corn (whichever isn’t inside!) and poof! Dinner!

The Three Bite Rule - Corn Quesadilla in Cilantro Butter

5. Buffalo Chicken Pasta
Popcorn chicken + pasta + blue cheese or ranch dressing + hot sauce + greens
I most often have this buffalo chicken pasta as a cold salad but it’s fun hot too! Use crispy chicken or rotisserie chicken. I go with arugula but spinach works too!

The Three Bite Rule - Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

Need one extra? Breakfast for dinner is perfect. Pigs in Sleeping bags (maple sausage in crescents) is a hit here and pairs well with some eggs.

Fed is best, regardless of what’s on the menu in a busy season. You’ve got this.

November Recap 2023

November was so full – Thanksgiving! End of soccer! Busy time at work! Seeing all the friends!

I made this Mexican Chicken Salad which definitely reinvents taco leftovers!

Then I loved this Parmesan Peppercorn Cheeseball with a brown butter panko crust. It will fit nicely for all your gatherings.

The Three Bite Rule - Parm/Peppercorn Cheeseball

Caesar Chickpea Wraps have the flavors we love with a warm vs cool and light vs filling.

The Three Bite Rule - Caesar Chickpea Wrap

My blog turned 13! I was glad to wrap up practices and have easier dinner time. December will have a few fun things and maybe some speedy or few-ingredient ones!

The Big Kid:
He finished soccer and got going into basketball with some clinics. It is very nice to have more wiggle room in our schedules. He LOVED seeing an author/illustrator talk at the library and is drawing so much – lately there’s been a lot of athletes. His recent choice for snacks is always kettlecorn.

The Little One:
She scored a goal at our last soccer game! She’s now awaiting dance to start in a few weeks. The Paw Patrol movie reinvigorated her interest in the dogs – all day, everyday, there are magnatile command center for the Paw Patrollers. I’m shocked she’s not all that into fruit currently. She questions the school lunch options in the morning and then is content with her choice come lunch time.

Goals for this coming year: some of these are are just a few weeks old…
Year of small businesses/artisans/writers: I found a very cute hat at the craft fair. C’s been wearing an old one from them for 3 years.  
More meatless meals: we had grilled cheese and tomato soup and it only went over ok. Sometimes they love it.
sandwiches and salads: the chickpea caesar wraps!
a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time: dinner with friends at Liberty on Main and we ate AT our fav Mexican restaurant and the kids thought it was so fun.
redo photos – not this month
what I’m reading: I couldn’t put down Pineapple Street and it was one of my top of the year – they were all endearing and the family dynamics were so good. Woman on Fire was an exciting art-history-journalism-theft story. I read Hey, Hun: Sales; Sisterhood and Supremacy and other Lies behind Multilevel Marketing which was eye opening, even after following a ton of these stories, but never from the top. I loved the New England boarding school setting with homocide, podcasting in I have Some Questions for You.

13th Blogaversary!

My blog is a teenager! Wow! This year was busy and included a bunch of changes – work, schedules, kindergarten, among others. 3 of 4 of us had Covid this year. I think meals were a bit simplified for sports and I think each kid chilled a bit about if if that they would have picked for dinner or not. To celebrate, I’m awarding a few superlatives and setting goals for the year ahead.

Most Likely to Succeed: Chicken Caesar Salad Burgers

The Three Bite Rule - Chicken Caesar Salad Burgers

Most Worldly: Taco Beans

The Three Bite Rule - Taco Beans

Most Unique: Cheeseburger Burrito

Cheeseburger Burrito - The Three Bite Rule

Most Popular (on Instagram): Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries

The Three Bite Rule - Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Loaded Fries

When I look back at what we ate the most, we tend to have pasta weekly and that varies for sauce or style. I loooove grain bowls but we didn’t have quite as many – the kids seemed to be less into rice. Beans, eggs, burgers, and pasta are our most popular. I feel more calm getting ready when my work lunches are planned or prepped.

Goals from this past year
Year of workwear – that became especially necessary with a new job and is not mission-complete. I’ll likely keep this one to some extent.
Salads or side-dishes: I did not focus on this, but happened to make something that fit.
prep ahead bfasts or lunches for weekdays: Savory waffles were most common for this goal.  
Monthly dates: We were so-so on this one.
Declutter/cleaning: Ongoing, will never be complete
Workouts as a routine: Sometimes were better than others
What I’m reading: I’m up to 41 books this year!

Goals for this coming year:
Year of _____: small businesses/artisans/writers I’m going to be open for what qualifies but spending with those who make, create, or add something 😉
More meatless meals
sandwiches and salads
a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time
redo photos
what I’m reading