Greek Dip with Some Assembly Required 1 This is the easiest dip ever. There’s no cooking involved…some assembly required. Make this for your next BBQ or pool party and you’re guaranteed to wow people. I really enjoy the simplicity of this in relation to how much folks rave about this dip! Yesterday was Ms. L’s bday and she likes this one 😉 Buy Zolpidem Online Overnight greek_dip_plate_590_390

Ingredients 8 oz hummus 2-4 oz feta 1 cucumber 2 tomatoes 3 tbs Italian salad dressing

Directions Spread hummus onto a plate Chop cucumbers and tomatoes and toss with feta and dressing greek_dip_bowl_590_390 Purchase Zolpidem Online Arrange on top of hummus greek_dip_plate_590_390
Serve with pita chips, wheat thins, or your favorite crackers

That’s it!

Can You Buy Ambien In Mexico It is a nice alternative to other dips served. It is lighter but really fresh tasting and goes with anything. I’ve made the topping and assembled on-site when it was time to eat so I can attest to how portable it is.

Ambien Online Fast Shipping I can’t believe I haven’t blogged it before. It tends to be a crowd pleaser. Even when people tell me they won’t like it, they try it and are surprised. Happens. Every. Time.

Order Generic Ambien Online It would be good as a crostini if it is easier for you not to serve a dip. If you do make it as a dip I assure you folks will be standing around devouring this one! (I love when that happens at a party but crostinis would help when serving a crowd.)

Cost Breakdown Hummus: $3.50
Feta $1.99
Cucumber $0.75 (English cuke $2.00)
2 plum tomatoes $1.00
Wheat thins $3.00
Total = $11.49 (for the dip & dippers to serve 6-8 for <$2.00) That’s even using an English cuke which is totally worth it not to have to peel it!

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