June 2022 Recap

June is a blur, let’s focus on the food.

The Birthday Burger was such a winner. The bacon jam + homemade parmesan peppercorn dressing was a great combo. The jam is sweet and smokey and the parm peppercorn dressing is salty and creamy. Perfection I tell you.

The Three Bite Rule - Birthday Burger with Bacon Jam & Parmesan Peppercorn

Pickle de gallo wasn’t my idea, but it isn’t ever in my stores so I made my own and loved it with dill pickles with sweet pickles! Serve it with potato chips or tortilla chips or crackers, or on a taco! Your next BBQ definitely needs this dip.

The Three Bite Rule - Pickle de Gallo

Peanut Sesame Noodles were a re-do for one of our beloved dinners. It is so fast and adds great variety to pasta night! We eat them warm or cold and they are handy to have around for a quick meal.

The Three Bite Rule - Peanut Sesame Noodles

Salmon Cakes over Lemon Risotto was my use for frozen not-the-best-salmon. These would work well for any fish, crab, or shrimp too.

The Three Bite Rule - Salmon Cake & Lemon Risotto

Order Valium India The Little Girl:
She’s coloring obsessed once again and happy for all the outside time. She can down a whole popsicle now and loved some couscous I made. July will mean the start of a dance class and we’re all excited for her to try it! She is into a toddler bed and truly mastered night time potty training.

https://clikealo.com/c6yqeuk The Big Guy:
He’s done with 1st grade! The end of the year was a whirlwind. We had a last-day of school party that was so so fun. ~17 kids and ~13 parents came over for pizza, popsicles, and a bounce house. I cannot get over how much they learn in first grade. He loved reading, PE, recess, and library. Writing was his least fav. He’s enjoying some free time before summer day camps start in July. Food obsessions for him include hard boiled eggs, applesauce, ritz bits, and bubble gum.

I have no idea what July has in store for me. I have a couscous salad to share and then, who knows. Maybe a cocktail? Maybe tons of posts, maybe fewer. Stay tuned.

enter Goals:
source site Year of nail polish! I got one in the very end of June but didn’t use it yet- maybe it’ll be the July one!
Buy Diazepam Online Eu More international food inspiration: I don’t think do.
https://melissasmissteak.com/5e2k79dkzm More soups/salads: we had salad bar – does that count?
Buying Diazepam In India More apps: Yes! Pickle de Gallo and some phyllo cups with brie on an apps for dinner night.
get link More fun drinks: nope
https://vaidosaefeminina.com/index.php/kvo1ptu0j Updating photos: Yes! Peanut Sesame Noodles got some updated pics!
Buy Valium Next Day Delivery What I’m reading: Lots! I read & loved Black Cake – one of the best books of the year. Last Summer at the Golden Hotel was a fun summery read that isn’t a beach romance. I read Taste Makers: Seven Immigrant Women who Revolutionized Food in America which was pretty good, maybe better as audio? I read Beautiful World Where Are You and didn’t get the hype like others but it has such a following that others definitely love it.
https://deepblue.com/gwplxr06rc0 What I’m watching: Battle on the Beach for ocean rentals has been good
https://vilarriba.com/2023/11/06/gf0m6mwezlt What I’m listening to: I shake my fist at the patriarchy with Be There in Five podcast.

May 2022 Recap

May has been a very full month. Lots of outside time, swimming, work events, birthday parties for kids, baseball games, and already pool time! World news is breaking my heart and it has also been a month of transition as daycare kept closing preschool and sent us looking for alternatives – guess how fun that is…

In the kitchen, we’re onto springy foods and faster meals.

My fav was this Mexican-inspired side dish with black beans, avocados, tomatoes, cheese, and a cilantro lime dressing. Loved it. This helped amp up taco night with a side that was a bit more special than just black beans, or just avocado.

The Three Bite Rule - Black Bean & Avocado Salad

For one of our apps-for-dinner nights I made some Lemon & Herb Deviled Eggs. They’re fresh tasting and filling and they hit the spot for variety amongst apps.

The Three Bite Rule - Lemon Herb Deviled Eggs

My passion for rice bowls runs deep- all the good bites with decadence (cheese & drizzles) with some fresh elements (greens! tomatoes!) and the filling aspects (veggie burger & brown rice). This burger rice bowl was a great lunch, it would pack well, and feels like a complete meal, all in a bowl!

The Three Bite Rule - Burger Bowl

June has me very excited for a weekend away, Mr. J’s birthday burger, and I have some strawberry and lemon aspirations.

Buy Diazepam 10Mg India The Little Girl:
She started a new preschool! I love how easy-going she is amongst changes in schedules. It is exciting for her. She is going to have a great swimming summer! Even in just 2 early pool times we’ve already seen how big she is, the confidence, and her willingness to try more than last year. It is very fun to see. I feel like she’s eating a bit more consistently and is loving cottage cheese and Ritz-Bits right now.

see url The Big Guy:
He’s having fun at baseball and overcame his hesitation for new environments for birthday parties this month – I’m really proud to see it. He is thrilled for shorts season. We’re glad he got some grandparent sleepovers and this season becomes being outside for all waking hours.

follow site Goals:
https://www.nnhopes.org/nnh-blog/5dy35e6y Year of nail polish! I got a few Olive & June ones at once and this month was a coral one for April (this one)
follow site More international food inspiration: Umm. Maybe not.
https://londonorienteering.co.uk/2023/11/mhoaz7typwy More soups/salads: this black bean & avocado salad!
Buy Diazepam 20 Mg More apps: Yes! Brie & Cranberry Cups!
go site More fun drinks: Not really, but tis the season for sangria and cocktails
Buy Valium And Xanax Updating photos: Nope, not this month
enter site What I’m reading: I’ve had a bit of a reading rut. I read Olga Dies Dreaming and looooved it. Then I read Beautiful Little Fools and was more into it than the OG Great Gatsby. I muscled through No One is Talking About This and I didn’t get it, do not recommend.
source url What I’m watching: Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy is back!!
https://makerversity.org/zrdp6bbip What I’m listening to: ‘Sounds Like a Cult’ is my new fav podcast

April 2022 Recap

April is going out with a bang – this last stretch of the month is so busy and full. The little guy just had a fun school vacation with a visit from the teen nephews, playing with the grandparents, and also some time home while we worked. Double duty is tiring. He’s starting baseball too. Work has so many things coming up – virtual and in-person events and then the timing of hitting deadlines and a lot to happen in prep for May & June ending Q4.

My favorite favorite food from the kitchen this month was these better-than-average Eggplant Parm Subs with fresh mozz and dressed arugula. So good.

The Three Bite Rule - Eggplant Parm Subs

I started an occasional apps for dinner theme, kicked off with cranberry & brie phyllo cups They couldn’t be easier and I included a whole bunch of alternatives and uses for leftovers. We did apps-as-dinner again on Easter after hosting brunch. It is also a great excuse to have lots of great cheese around.

The Three Bite Rule - Cranberry Brie Cups

Lastly I “made” some Mocha Cinnamon Rolls for a fun but ohh so easy breakfast.

The Three Bite Rule - Mocha Cinnamon Rolls

May will definitely have some quick meals between baseball practices and nights we’d rather have after-work-playground time. Early spring flavors make me think of lemon and warm-and-cool.

Order Valium Uk The Little Girl:
She is happy for bike rides and is looking forward to baseball spectating. Daily she envisions the beach trip. She’s definitely having her 3-year-old moments of resisting and digging her heels in. She never wants to take a bathroom break. She was a bit scarred from an Easter Egg event when it rained, then hailed, then was sunny, then rain, then hail. We raced to the car for the second round and she was not impressed. Meals have been a bit smoother.

Buy Valium Europe The Big Guy:
He was thrilled to play nerf with the teen cousins. His fav home lunch is always always always peanut butter and nutella. He still loves hardboiled eggs. I love seeing him being so strong and confident on his bike. He had chosen his scooter over the bike for awhile but he’s got his confidence and I’m proud to see it.

source site Goals:
https://thelearninglamp.org/dsr0hdnd Year of nail polish! I got a few Olive & June ones at once but opened up a purpley one for April (this one)
https://www.woolcan.net/25gi2qsp7 More international food inspiration: Umm. Maybe not.
https://clikealo.com/0avtwzqe9 More soups/salads: not really
https://www.lizandryan.com/bc8ps4i3t2 More apps: Yes! Brie & Cranberry Cups!
follow url More fun drinks: I’m obsessed with this lemon loaf tea
Buy Valium By Roche Online Updating photos: Nope, not this month
https://makerversity.org/d8rzgmhzg What I’m reading: I read Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci, and Greenwich Park which was a little mystery, then I listened to An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination, and I read The Maid which seemed like a caricature for neurodivergence and was a bit obvious.
Buy Valium England What I’m watching: I’m months behind but catching up on a Million Little Things.
Buy Valium Tablets What I’m listening to: 

March 2022 Recap

March is on the way out and in comes April. I’m excited for Easter and the next season and I love the daylight! I like to usher out one season for the next, but I loathe talking about the weather – moreso I guess I’m not interested in people complaining about the weather to me.

This month in a spirit of variety, I made these Thanksgiving Hot Wraps with deli turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and greens and the best part is burrito-izing it. So good – and much more appreciated outside of Thanksgiving time.

The Three Bite Rule - Thanksgiving Hot Wraps

I also made Nutella Chia Pudding with Strawberries which requires the make-ahead brainspace but it is breakfast your tomorrow will thank you for. I looove the nutella flavor with the strawberries.

The Three Bite Rule - Chocolate Chia Pudding

I gave a revamp to Gyro-Style Wraps with hummus, chicken sausage, fries, and tomatoes.

To wrap up the month I did a mine vs. theirs for Pasta with Shrimp or Chicken and Blistered Tomatoes. I did shrimp, the rest had chicken. After I made it I thought about how good it would have been with a crunchy lemony breadcrumb topping. Do it! I’m envisioning that showing up another way.

The Three Bite Rule - Shrimp Pasta with Blistered Tomatoes

What’s next? Hmm I’m thinking about ideas for Easter brunch foods and I just did apps for dinner one night and feel like that might be a new tradition.

https://www.woolcan.net/2bl2phezyy The Little Girl:
She’s psyched that it is sandbox season again! She’s awaiting picnic time and wants to eat at a restaurant. We’ve cut her off of Oreos since it is confirmed she just eats the filling. She’s very into the thermos lunches but said to stop with the cheeese sticks – where my girl, do you expect to get some protein?

https://www.nnhopes.org/nnh-blog/zh7c5ma The Big Guy:
He’s had fun playing with school-friends. I feel like it’s asking somebody on a date but worth it to see him connecting with others. He just started a lego extracurricular class – so legos, after school with other kids, what could be better?

https://deepblue.com/yuvfyf54t Goals:
https://mybeautybunny.com/gnpq4jtf9 Year of nail polish! I got a new topcoat which I’m not sure yet if it lives up to the hype (this one)
Buy Valium Eu More international food inspiration: More Mediterranean – gyro wraps
https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/1w9lea1n More soups/salads: Does salad-bar count?
https://vaidosaefeminina.com/index.php/qi7ibuipo More apps: nope, not this month
https://www.lizandryan.com/agluwxi5s More fun drinks: ehh
https://vilarriba.com/2023/11/06/mbhki9t4l Updating photos: I redid the photos for these gyro-like wraps
Buy Diazepam 30 Mg What I’m reading: I read The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute which was so interesting, and We Are the Brennans which was page-turning, I thought Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt’s Creek would be a coffee-table book but it actually had lots to read, then I read The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue which was the best book I’ve read in awhile.
https://thelearninglamp.org/d5w75bf6lir What I’m watching: Tournament of Champions
go to site What I’m listening to: nothing new.

February 2022 Recap

This month was quick which is great because March is my birthday month AND it edges us closer to spring. We wished for more pond ice skating this season but it just wasn’t cold for long stretches.

Our pink cookies were the best thing I made this month. The Strawberry Crinkle Cookies were perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The Three Bite Rule - Strawberry Crinkle Cookies

I love love love grain bowls and the inspiration for Cobb Salad Rice Bowls was to winterize a salad. Plus, the build-your-own aspect gives everyone a bit of what they like (me = arugula, littles = cucumber).

The Three Bite Rule - Cobb Salad Rice Bowl

We made these cute little Greek Chicken Turnovers for dinner with hummus, chicken, tomato, oregano, and creamy caesar dressing. We had them with a little orzo/tomato/cuke/feta salad.

The Three Bite Rule - Greek Chicken Turnovers

The Little Girl:
She’s always packing backpacks with all the toys & books that’ll fit. We saw her do a lot of sock-skating around the house this month too. Lunches packed for daycare have been a struggle – she cannot be fooled with peanut-less pb.

The Big Guy:
He’s currently enjoying school vacation. He really likes school but appreciates getting to stay in pjs longer, and of course more play time at home. He’s 100% into hard boiled eggs right now. All of us have been enjoying nerf battles.

Year of nail polish! I got a brick red (this one)
More international food inspiration: Greek turnovers & a little “international night” for the Olympics!
More soups/salads: We had blackbean soup that was so so easy.
More apps: some for the Olympics and some for the superbowl!
More fun drinks: tea – this one is my new obsession
Updating photos: nope
What I’m reading: I read Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu for bookclub – it was ok. Then I read Anne of Manhattan by Bria Starler which was more romance-novel-ish than I expected. Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley Ford was amazing, and powerful – a must read.
What I’m watching: all Olympics, all the time. We were grateful for more sleep once they ended.
What I’m listening to: showtunes with my workouts!

January 2022 Recap

January went by quickly! The little boy is 7! I got to work remotely a lot and we were thrilled for some snow for sledding and ice skating. I had so much joy from one single trip ice skating. It felt like an awakening and that we were more solidly in a state of kids versus toddlers. Just going ice skating where each kid could kind of do the activity without as much from us as parents felt like a shift. Getting back to something we haven’t done in years, outside, on a pond….it was magical. I loved it.

My fav dish this month was a sweet potato and bacon hash with an egg and maple aoli on top. We had this for a weekend breakfast but it would be perfect as breakfast-for-dinner. I’ll bow down to you if this were to be a weekday breakfast in your world.

The Three Bite Rule - Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash

I’m in the minority for this dinner, but I stand by it. French Onion Manicotti was so good – I know, I ate the leftovers for days. The fam was not whole heartedly into this one but I liked the flavors and a twist out of the ordinary.

The Three Bite Rule - French Onion Manicotti

I made a dessert too! Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Apple topping was delicious. I never really saw a cream cheese shortage around here so I went for it.

The Three Bite Rule - Cheesecake with Salted Caramel and Apple Topping

Olympics and Superbowl snacks are ahead for me! I’m so excited. I have one sweet treat planned for Valentine’s Day.

The Little Girl:
She’s so hit or miss on meals. Either she’s all in or takes a few bites and doesn’t care about more. Cheese is always a safe bet. I couldn’t believe how much quinoa she ate one night. This girl powered through T’s birthday cake. She love love loves her babies and stuffed animals. She is going to loooove Valentine’s Day since she folding her pictures into “cards” is a pastime of hers and she loves envelopes.

The Big Guy:
He had such a fun birthday! We did a family party and his ideas as a chicken nugget eating contest. He ate 14! Claire ate 5! Wow! Grandma made a Pokemon logo cake. He got nerf stuff and is loving it. He’s still eating hard boiled eggs most breakfasts. He really loved sledding and he’s very into going to the library.

Year of nail polish! I got a deep moody navy (this one)
More international food inspiration: nope – unless we count our homemade crunchwraps?
More soups/salads: We had cheeseburger soup and crescents with sesame seeds!
More apps: not really, but Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl are coming.
More fun drinks: tea!
Updating photos: not this month.
What I’m reading: I read Bad Muslim Discount and it was incredible. I slogged through Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty – I love Anderson Cooper but skip the book, or maybe listen to it. Hola Papi: How to Come Out in a Walmart Parking Lot and Other Life Lessons was so fun for a perspective I don’t automatically see – a self-help writer for LGBTQ dating sites from small-town Oklahoma.
What I’m watching: Project Runway
What I’m listening to: I really missed all the podcasts who were on break for December.

December 2021 Recap

December is such a blur. It was a fun month but busy and a bit emotionally heavy and uneasy- a lot at work, too many Covid cases in the world, plans too TBD for me, and I really enjoy this season but also like to look forward too.

Pizza Beans were a bit of a re-do and we love it for a quick dinner with lots of options. The leftovers are great, though it is also an ideal way to use up little bits of leftovers.

The Three Bite Rule - Pizza Beans

I made Hot Chocolate Muddy Buddies which were fun and not an excessive treat to have around.

The Three Bite Rule - Hot Chocolate Muddy Buddies

Meatless Bean & Mushroom Meatballs were really fun and nice to have on hand. I like them in sauce and some garlic bread. I formed some into burgers too.

The Three Bite Rule - Mushroom & Bean Meatballs

Last but not least, I made a lasagna with Sausage & Pesto Lasagna was so so good and a nice change from a tomato-sauce lasagna.

The Three Bite Rule - Sausage & Pesto Lasagna

Before we get into 2022, NYE is sliders & frappes – our tradition for 7 years running!

The Little Girl:
She forgot about what Santa does – for a while she was planning to ask Santa to bring “a cookie with green on it”. She asked for a puzzle and really enjoyed the holidays. She was thrilled to get 2 babies (a Bitty Baby named Winnie and a Cabbage Patch Kid) and she loved a package of undies and lots of bath toys.

The Big Guy:
He was torn what to ask Santa for – he ended up asking for Pokemon cards and now has a whole bunch. He looooves some Beyblades and legos. The cookie season brings him lots of joy. He’s been not interested in cheese – weird.

Year of nail polish! I got a neutral pink (this one – it is nicely solid and not streaky like an essie one I had.)
More international food inspiration: hmmm. I’m not sure I did.
More soups/salads: We had broccoli & cheddar soup. Seems like chowder or chili are in order.
More apps: We had an app party for Christmas Eve, a candy cane caprese salad – a smear of pesto plus the tomato/mozz.
More fun drinks: nope, but maybe NYE?
Updating photosPizza Beans! An update from Tomato, Basil, Polenta Bean Bowls
What I’m reading: I read The Night Watchmen and wasn’t into it. Then, I read We Are Not Like Them and loooooved it – one of the best of I read this year. A cute NYE one was This Time Next Year.
What I’m watching: All the Christmas movies! Our must-sees are Christmas with the Kranks, Christmas Vacation, and Home Alone.
What I’m listening to: still loving the American Girls podcast.

November 2021 Recap

I love November – Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. I make fun-but-easy breakfast (cinnamon rolls from a tube & bacon!), and we watch the Thanksgiving Day parade in pjs, and I love the early-dinner and the food. The day has a casual mood and we all just mill about together. It is great. I do not do Christmas things until Black Friday, so it is fun for me to usher out one holiday to welcome in the next.

This month I made Caesar Broccoli which is so so good and I hope it is on your future menu – it is perfect alongside any entrée. Make with ham! Grilled Chicken! Sausages! Pasta! You name it. The kids loved it once and didn’t care either way the next time, so give it a whirl!

The Three Bite Rule - Caesar Broccoli

If you’re planning your leftovers, whip up some Thanksgiving Nachos! In all honesty, I used roasted chicken when making these before Thanksgiving and can whole heartedly encourage either way!

The Three Bite Rule - Thanksgiving Nachos

I love a seasonal hot bev and this is tea with cider and it is spiked! Add it to your brunch or dessert with leftover pie or whatever!

The Three Bite Rule - Cider Tea Cocktail

My blog turned 11! I set a few new goals and awarded my own superlatives.

The Little Girl:
She’s becoming more self-sufficient all the time. I love seeing her grow up and it is funny to see old videos of her as a tiny toddler now that she’s such a kid. Decisions are based on whatever her brother has or is doing and she loves him so so much. I promised next year when she’s 4, we’ll go see the Nutcracker – then days later she asked about seeing the cracker show. 😉 She’s been pretty into hummus lately and has been eating quite well lately – knock on wood.

The Big Guy:
He finished his soccer season. It was fun and also endearing to see them improve (go the right direction/pay attention). I don’t mind a practice night and a game day off our schedules. He got his first vax dose! Hallelujah! He’s super into trading Pokemon cards on the bus and at school. This kid loves canned cranberry sauce more than anyone I’ve ever met. I had to ensure there was plenty for others at Thanksgiving. He normally eats some of everything so we’ll see what he’s into this year. For breakfasts he has been obsessed with hard boiled eggs.

Year of nail polish! I got a deep redish one (this one – the bottle looks more purpley than it comes out to be)
More international food inspiration: does Diwali lunch at work count?
More soups/salads: I made a super quick tomato soup for dinner one night
More apps: Thanksgiving Nachos!
More fun drinks: Apple Cider & Vanilla Tea Hot Cocktail
Updating photos on some old posts: not yet, stay tuned!
What I’m reading: I read The Last Story of Mina Lee which was a mix of true-crime versus mother/daughter relations versus immigration story. It was pretty good. Bookclub read Midnight Library. I liked the fantastical element of between life & death and the themes of regret or what-if was pretty good. I didn’t love it like the masses did, but pretty good.
What I’m watching: We finished the Impeachment: An American Crime series. We were fascinated and it was fantastic. I loooove a deep dive into something that happened in my lifetime that I do not have the full story on. Next up will be Christmas movies!
What I’m listening to: loving the American Girls podcast to look at the literary merits or deficits of the books, and The Dropout because Elizabeth Holmes is mind boggling.

11th Blogaversary!

I’m shocked annually that the hobby has carried on. I’m still enjoying it so cheers to 11 years! Thanks for being here! I love hearing what resonates and what’s been good!

For each blogaversary I declare some superlatives and look forward with some new goals for the upcoming year.

Most Popular: Breakfast Tot-chos these are breakfast with nod to those elements of nachos. Plus bacon makes everything better.

The Three Bite Rule - Totchos

Most Photogenic: Chicken Bacon Ranch Burritos are everything you love about a burrito mashed up with a wrap. (Pssst! These Chicken Broccoli & Rice Warm Wraps are along those same lines of a burrito-y wrap).

The Three Bite Rule - Chicken Bacon Ranch Burrito

Most Insta-popular:
Not blogged, but the Olympics food was a hit on Instagram. Duley noted. Winter 2022 is coming right up and I have LOTS OF IDEAS.

Most Likely to Succeed: French Onion Soup Burger – this one is so so so good. There were a few burgers this year and this was the clear winner. French onion soup mix and caramelized onions plus some really great cheese made this additionally special.

The Three Bite Rule - French Onion Soup Burger

Most Popular: Pineapple Coconut Rice with a honey teriyaki drizzle. This is such a crowd pleaser and works great with pulled pork, chicken thighs, or kielbasa. I like the hint to a tropical vibe, but is so great year-round.

The Three Bite Rule - Pineapple Coconut Rice Bowls

Goals for next year:
Year of the ______: this past year has been year of fun mail. The year before I thought I’d do plants/flowers but quickly dropped that. It really became a year of treat for myself each month. This year, I’m going to do a year of nail polish! Some of mine are embarrassingly old. I loved some more elaborate ideas but want to stay true to easy to find and something for me – my kiddos are treated to things all the time.
More international food inspiration: take out or make my own.
More soups/salads: this is kind of seasonal so it seems useful to reach towards but might not always happen.
More apps: I’ve done this before and love it – esp when it becomes dinner 😉
More fun drinks
Updating photos on some old posts
What I’m reading: I read 40 books this year! Wow! I love books and keep adding to my list to always be ready for my next.
What I’m watching: maybe more movies?

October 2021 Recap

October has been a whirlwind! Work has been super busy- pandemic alumni weekend and family weekend events are no joke- and our weekends have some more other things keeping us a bit busier than recent times as we do all the things outside! I’m grateful for some normalcy for tiny things like daycare painted pumpkins and leaf pile play. October was good in the kitchen too – just some of those days of: hmm. I planned soup but it is almost 80-degrees…

We made this super fun hot dog pizza that not all followers said they would try, but we thought was good and probably once-a-year fun:

The Three Bite Rule - Hot Dog Pizza

Then I did a chicken, bacon, ranch burrito that is just perfect. It feels filling from the brown rice and chicken then melty cheddar makes it burrito-y and of course there is ranch dressing and bacon for that perfect pairing, and some greens for freshness. So good. I froze some and already wish there were more stashed away. Make some now and you’ll thank me later on a busy weeknight. I defrost in the micro and toast in the toaster oven to finish for a much better packed lunch.

The Three Bite Rule - Chicken Bacon Ranch Burrito

Then I gave the Parisian Burger some photo updates from the original one in 2014. I had made it a bunch to practice the cooking competition timing and wasn’t interested in making it again anytime soon – and perhaps I was bitter that I didn’t take home the big prize.

The Three Bite Rule - Parisian Burger

Next month I have a side dish that was a winner once and neither of the kids cared the second time – so take that for what it is worth. Then I’ll blog a fun dinner that the kids gobble up and my blogaversary where I’ll set some new goals and declare some superlatives from the year.

The Little Girl
Her imagination is coming alive and I love the reasoning behind her made up play- from what dolls are doing to what she pretends in the leaf pile, it is too cute. She’s totally protested eating dinner a few times which I think it just the authority of being 3 years old. She loves pasta and can eat her weight in pizza. I was surprised that she was into sesame oil/rice vinegar cucumber salad one night. She’s excited for halloween but doesn’t remember trick or treating. That will make it even more exciting! Last year we didn’t go and the kids wore costumes and found candy hidden around the basement – a la easter egg hunt. Before that she was 1 1/2 so trick or treating was more of a spectator sport in the stroller for her.

The Big Guy:
Soccer is going well and he’s quite happy going to school and being home in the afternoons or whatever. He’s gotten better at communicating what he wants (or doesn’t want) his little sister to do. He looooves the leaf pile. His very fav fig bars were back at Costco which makes breakfast decisions so much faster. He lost his 2 front teeth! It is so so cute. He saved some dollars and picked out a few new hotwheels cars. Pokemon card trading is big time with the first graders at his school.

Year of the fun mail! I thought of a card to get out just at the end of Oct!
More breakfasts: nope
Lunches coordinated or prepped in advance: I made a quiche and some burritos for the freezer which was helpful.
I’d like to get the house a bit neater: I’ve been clearing some surfaces, nothing major.
Bullet journal – yup, keeping a meals list.
What I’m reading: I read Know My Name for bookclub and looooved it – let’s get Chanel Miller famous for her writing instead of Brock Turner who got off easy for being a white male. I read Meet Me in Bombay and really flew through the story. I was “ehhh” on Things We Lost to Water.
What I’m Watching: Instead of MLB playoffs, I watched a CNN docuseries on Diana. I also devoured LulaRich and was fascinated! That one is a must-watch.