December 2023 Recap

Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk 0 December is such a whirlwind. I start the month feeling like there there’s lots of time to eat, drink, decorate, shop, and be festive. It went by so quickly! We saw Santa, went to the movies, T started basketball, C is back to dance, the Nutcracker, birthday parties, both kids had different theme days.

I made some chocolate dipped chips: Next up came some lasagna bowls:

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enter site Then, I did a round up of 5 ingredient dinners.

For January, I’m looking forward to our guy turning 9! The kids will have basketball games and dance classes but we like a little quietness and routine. I switch decor to be snowmen and winter so we don’t go from all to nothing. January as me thinking of another grain bowl or wrap – still sussing out the format and I think there’s a new hot drink coming up too. The Big Kid:
He’s so into sports stats right now. He loves anything mint flavored so this is a great time of year for him. It was fun to see him shop for his sister – he thought carefully but committed to his decisions and was ready. He’s been working really hard on spelling, despite hating it (I hear ya, kid)! The Little One:
She had so many ideas for Christmas gifts. Any outfit benefits from a princess dress added on top. She was thrilled to get a pajama day at school. Both kids are still eating halloween candy.

source link Goals for this year: Year of small businesses/artisans/writers: I bought a book by a first-time author. More meatless meals: pizza beans! sandwiches and salads: we had salad bar on night
follow link a focus on going to new or places we don’t get to all the time: we’re sneaking a dinner out just as the month ends to Abby Park. redo photos – oops what I’m reading: I read Holding Pattern which was fine – not a winner. Then I read The Daydreams and loved it for those who who watched 90s/00s shows from Disney or CW etc and can picture it. I read The Perfect Marriage and liked it. Finally, I read Christmas Orphan’s Club which was very cute and festive.

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