see url I’m a 30-something Boston suburbanite who loves to eat, cook, wine, and dine. I’m don’t have culinary training so I’ll keep eating and trying everything until I’ve seen it all! Enjoy my musings as I cook, enjoy being fed by others, and explore food. My day job is alumni & family relations at a college so cooking happens after dark (also known as the worst photography light!).

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click I love fine foods and comfort foods alike. You won’t see any peas or red meat on here, but anything else is pretty fair game. Pizzas and mac and cheese are probably my favorite foods to cook. I love hosting others, potlucks, sangria, and traveling. My husband and webmaster, Mr. J, often enjoys food with me so most meals are tweaked to feed the two of us (often including leftovers for lunch the following day). We grew the fam with a boy and baby girl who I’m committed to ensuring they see all different foods!

follow url Mr. J and I had a FANTASTIC wedding. It was a dream and was the best day ever. I was touched my friends are readers and graciously offered their cameras to capture my dinner. Family and friends showered us with love, laughter, dance moves, and kitchen tools! Buy Diazepam From India wedding_blogger_590_390 Soon afterwards, we bought a house in the ‘burbs. We moved from an apartment in the city to our own house. I now have a dream kitchen. kitchen_wide_590_390 Our adorable black lab Windsor does NOT get to partake in any of our food adventures but he’s often right underfoot looking for something to drop #kitchendogs. He was absent from our wedding but was well represented as the cake topper. We then inherited a cocker spaniel Bailee who rules the roost.

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go to site One of my favorite families I used to babysit had an important motto at the dinner table: the 1st bite is to try something; the 2nd bite is to decide what you think; and the 3rd bite is to be sure about your decision. We should all live by this.

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