Mocha Cinnamon Rolls 0

Breakfast upgrade with very minimal effort. I don’t mess with dough – especially first thing in the morning and a few touches made for a fun breakfast.

The Three Bite Rule - Mocha Cinnamon Rolls Mocha Cinnamon Rolls: Ingredients: 1 roll cinnamon rolls (with frosting) 1/4 cup chocolate chips 1 espresso shot (or 1-2 oz very strong instant coffee) cooled Buy Ambien Prescription Online Legal Ambien Online Directions: Separate out the cinnamon rolls into a baking pan sprayed with non-stick spray. Push the chocolate chips into the cinnamon coiled parts.

The Three Bite Rule - Mocha Cinnamon Rolls Bake according to the package. While the rolls are baking, Mix the espresso into the frosting. Order Zolpidem From Canada Spread the frosting onto the baked rolls.

The Three Bite Rule - Mocha Cinnamon Rolls Enjoy! Zolpidem Buy These were fun. I mixed up a double-y strong few tablespoons of instant coffee. It worked so well. Also, next time I’d go for full frosting- instead of the glaze that comes with it. That would be even better!

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