What I Ate: Easiest Banana Muffins

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https://acatfcl.cat/59dk5aox What I Ate is a series that might not necessarily require a recipe but these muffins are a prime example of a recipe to file away and whip it up when the time is right.

https://artesaniadelapalma.com/yj0njwv902 Pinterest introduced me to a shortcut banana muffin recipe just like the pumpkin muffin shortcut I loooove. Do you follow me on Pinterest? They’re so quick and really easy to make. I’m not a big baker but these came out perfectly!


https://abressa.com/u4575wag I made these guys before I knew how badly I’d need warm banana goodness. Work has gone bananas…to put it mildly. Bananas I tell you. Thank goodness I had these for the week. I think my crisis is averted. I’ll be sure to shower my local co-workers with these soon to thank them for all their support. When the goings get tough, the tough get going. For sure.




Buy Ambien Fast Delivery 1 box yellow cake mix https://www.jaumebalmes.com/0r2zd2knj6 4 very ripe bananas (small or 3 large) 2 eggs



https://www.balantia.com/es/dx230vpv Mash bananas or use a mixer, or food processor. Ambien Online Paypal banana_muff_mash_590_390 Mix in eggs and cake mix. banana_muff_mixed_590_390 https://www.balantia.com/es/sy2ljwzi1q9 Add in cinnamon, nuts, dried fruit, chips, or anything you like! (I added cinnamon & cinnamon chips) https://acatfcl.cat/y5406dnspxd Fill muffin cups or a sprayed loaf pan. https://elmilanoreal.com/vc163d1n6j banana_muff_scoops_590_390 https://www.a-crear.com/hftuwg0o Bake 20 minutes, or until toothpick comes out cleanly. https://dopsiurana.com/itih08mgx banana_muff_plate_590_390


https://araquealuminios.com/krwy4vr8m8 These are suuuuper easy and are such a good use for discount bananas. I love discount produce and these bananas were a steal. Forty-three cents for 6 bananas. Forty three cents. I froze some of the least ripe bananas in chunks for future smoothies. banana_muff_dayold_590_390 https://www.jaumebalmes.com/vr9fbmms3v Cost Breakdown:
uber ripe bananas: $0.43
cake mix: $2.25
2 eggs: $0.30
cinnamon chips: $1.35 (1/2 bag)
total: $4.33, or $0.30 per muffin

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