Teriyaki Rice Bowl

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https://aguasdeburgos.com/bdiutzbg The rice-bowl obsession continues! This one was so good and a hit for all of us! I looooved the pineapple and edamame. I whipped this up on an indoor grill pan but would be great outside too. We needed a flavorful and fresh break from a couple of very cold days. It makes tasty leftovers too!


https://alfombrasbsb.com/tuggkfzk The Three Bite Rule - Teriyaki Rice Bowl


Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowls (for 4)


https://acuasec.com/02mij4gthxf 2 cups rice 4 chicken thighs, or tenders, or breasts https://www.aytolardero.org/2023/09/14/npyx1ymf5z 1 cup teriyaki marinade https://aguasdeburgos.com/sp2w5ss 2 cups pineapple, sliced into chunks https://www.aytoyuncler.com/2023/09/14/o172jqosyfy 1 1/2 cup edamame



https://www.aytolardero.org/2023/09/14/s3w9ig4ego Marinate the chicken in most of the teriyaki marinade, reserving a few tablespoons for topping. https://abressa.com/30ozcjl Cook the rice. I used 10-minute brown rice. https://artesaniadelapalma.com/2wo18q1 Heat a grill pan to medium heat and grill the pineapple a few minutes on each side. https://araquealuminios.com/0mpq7pll9nv The Three Bite Rule - Teriyaki Rice Bowl https://www.balantia.com/es/2duma64p Grill the chicken on each side. Using a meat thermometer, make sure the chicken cooks through. Keep warm in the oven while prepping everything else. https://acatfcl.cat/17v834qw The Three Bite Rule - Teriyaki Rice Bowl https://www.a-crear.com/do6x9cezxy Cook the edamame. Mine was frozen out of the shells and just microwaved a few minutes. Slice a piece of chicken for each bowl. Spoon the rice into each bowl, add edamame, pineapple, and chicken. The Three Bite Rule - Teriyaki Rice Bowl Drizzle with remaining &unused teriyaki marinade. (Not any marinade the raw chicken was in.) Enjoy! https://alfombrasbsb.com/af7r8hmcx6 The Three Bite Rule - Teriyaki Rice Bowl The marinade is pretty strong, so use just a touch. I liked the sweet pineapple with a little char flavor against the teriyaki.

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https://dopsiurana.com/daaqis0jm4 If you like this one, here are my other fav bowls:
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https://abressa.com/9ezlobvu9 I like the formula aspect of these: grain + protein + veggies + sauce = delicious. I’m not sure of my next one, but there will more, I’m sure of it.