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Here’s what I’ve been eating lately, in a quest to get dinner on the table FAST. Whether it is to fit into toddler-time (which translates to: now/soon or there’s a chance somebody might meltdown (it could be me!)) or just a not-new dinner with minimal steps, the goal is to can eat before it is too late. Here’s what’s hitting my weekly menu when it isn’t getting blogged!


https://abressa.com/jyow46o Gnocchi from the freezer with a quick sauce. Seriously, once water boils, it cooks for 5 minutes. The other day, I warmed some of my fav kitchen ready tomatoes from a can, plopped in a scoop of cream cheese and warmed it all together. Poof. Instant dinner that seems a bit more special. Take the same liberty with ravioli or tortellini. https://www.aytoyuncler.com/2023/09/14/2wr58tl The Three Bite Rule - Tomato & Basil Gnocchi https://dopsiurana.com/p4ylbh97l Chicken, Avocado, Ranch subs (admittedly, I skipped the bacon because it would take too long).  Make it a sandwich, a wrap, a pocket…whatever is on hand. Keep some breaded frozen chicken on hand in the freezer. A little even goes a long way in a sandwich or salad. https://www.aytolardero.org/2023/09/14/i1fpqy2rwdu ranch_chick_plate_590_390 Tacos. I found some frozen cooked & seasoned taco meat. Instant fiesta!

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Purchase Zolpidem Online Breakfast for dinner! Mr. J is verrrry good at whipping together a frittata with whatever cheese/spinach/tomato and freezer bacon he can find. We always have eggs around and there’s just more time for a breakfast dish at night! brussels_hash_eggs_590_390


Speaking of, I’ve also been front-loading dinner prep by prepping extra and having some to pull out of the freezer. Enter, cheesy hashbrowns. These bad boys just needed topping and to bake. Ambien Cr Order Online The Three Bite Rule - Hashbrown Bake https://elmilanoreal.com/indnl6o8d Of course there’s always room for boxed mac & cheese on occasion…

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