March 2017 Recap 0

My birthday month was a good one! I seriously ate birthday cake for a week. As March draws to an end, I’m very ready for spring though work is getting nutty. Mr. J and I had a little getaway to Foxwoods for a little gambling, and a lot of catching up with my college roomies + spouses. We ate at Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar and loved it!

My grain bowl obsession continues! I loooved this pilaf, grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, & honey mustard bowl. Annnd then I made a teriyaki one with grilled pineapple. The Three Bite Rule - Rice Pilaf & Honey Mustard Grain Bowl Cheap Alprazolam 2Mg Chicken Caesar Pasta was such a hit. Loved it. The Three Bite Rule - Chicken Caesar Pasta I baked! We had a snow day and this Blueberry & Cream Cheese Pastry was perfect. The Three Bite Rule - Blueberry & Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastry The Little One: He’s been throwing around some funny phrases, like “I think so” and “ummm” when he’s thinking. There are more and more sentences happening! We had a dry spell for avocados so he’s really hoping ties aren’t cut between our government and Mexico. He had a sleepover with the grandparents and loved it. I got some re-fillable pouches for applesauce and yogurt and those are such a hit. Buy Valium 2Mg Uk Monthly goals: Year of the seasonal decor: I JUST got this awesome felt pom pom garland that is around a twiggy wreath for springy Easter decor! Yay!! do more dinner prep more in advance: ehh. speedy dinners are def happening and I’m using up the comfort food. read more (and always carry my book on me): I read Brain on Fire with bookclub and Girl at War. Buy Soma 500Mg Online watch more movies: we watched Girl on the Train, which was wayyy more intense for Mr. J who hadn’t read the book. cook more fish: nahh. Maybe in spring this will actually happen? focus on clothes that I really like: no new clothes this month