Ok, 2019- We’re onto you!

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click Happy New Year! As much as the clean slate and encouragement to do all the right things feels exciting it can also feel overwhelming. Suddenly we’re supposed to switch from Christmas cookies to all the kale salads? My plans for the upcoming year usually start in November, with my blogaversary but after some post-holiday clean up, I was feeling jazzed and inspired to help for those whose resolutions include the kitchen! By now we’re definitely into January but the number date doesn’t have to dictate when to get started on good habits!

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follow link I’m interested by the idea of a word for the year and I’m loving the lists of “more XYZ; less ABC” as a way to set some intentions versus specific goals. I asked on instagram what some food/kitchen related resolutions were which led me here!


If you’re trying to be more intentional with meal planning:

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  • Capsule Meal Planning: gives yourself some structure & starting points to plan a week of meals
  • meal planning in 5 steps
  • also, write it down! It helps you plan, shop, visually see what’s ahead (so you can prep ahead somewhat) and anyone else who is eating can see it!
  • my fav grocery app (Anylist) is now on apple & andriod! Hallelujah! We tried so many when we weren’t both on iphones. You can share the list with family members annnnd save a photo with an item- if you’re super particular about say, pita bread, like me! You can even connect recipes so you shop for all the groceries. I keep lists for groceries, Costco, Trader Joe’s and Target.

If you’re wanting some smart breakfast ideas:

source Pumpkin Muffin

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If packing your lunch needs some attention:

https://dentaris-sa.com/2024/05/13/k8hp9ctjr69 The Three Bite Rule - Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad

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If you have a new appliance to play with:

enter site The Three Bite Rule - PB & J Smoothie Healthified

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If you’re wanting to do more meal prep in advance

https://thegreathighway.com/zshwum0w253 (like me!) I’ll be sharing some of those tips on instagram.


https://www.vertaglia.com/9vfi4e2fvt Don’t feel the January pressure to do all the things. Take something that you WANT to do and just stick to that. Or pick a new resolution or intention for each month!
My goals:
Year of organizing/decluttering
Feeding Littles
Advanced food prep

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