Make-Your-Own-Falafel 1

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I looove falafel. I think there’s something about the nutty crunch, the cucumbers, tomatoes, and creamy tahini. I hadn’t really even thought about making it myself until a couple of years ago. source falafel_plate_290_200At that point  a few years ago, I soaked the chickpeas overnight, I cooked them for an hour, mashed them, etc… It’s such a process unless you’re mass producing falafel! The mix is the way to go…10 minutes and it is ready to cook. I bake them instead of frying them, partly for ease and partly for health. They get crispy and delicious.

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click 1 package falafel mix 2 wheat pita pockets 2 cups lettuce 1 tomato go to link 1 cucumber ¼ cup feta cheese go site Italian, Greek, or Balsamic salad dressing enter site 3 tbs tahini

Directions Prepare falafel mix with water (as package directs) Buy Actavis Valium Online Bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes on each side.

here falafel_baked_290_200Chop lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and toss with feta and dressing. falafel_salad_290_200 follow site Serve in pita, drizzled with tahini. Buy Valium From Europe falafel_plate_290_200 I’ve made these as appetizers like a slider in halved mini pitas. They’re always a hit and super easy to make. I definitely don’t think you need my instructions, BUT I think falafel is something that doesn’t always come to mind to make at home.

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