Breakfast Pizza

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Buy Valium Cheap Online The last time I made pizza with bacon I ended up wishing I’d done it breakfast-style. No time like the present! I broke out the pizza stone and got to work. Only after proclaiming my love for the pizza stone, of course. eggpizza_baked_290_200


Buy Valium England 1 ball of dough 1/4 cup marinara sauce go here 4 strips of bacon, cooked & crumbled 1 cup shredded mozzarella 1 cup shredded cheddar 3 green onions, chopped

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watch 1) Preheat pizza stone to 375 degrees. 2) Top dough with sauce and shredded cheese making four divots for eggs. eggpizza_cheese_290_200 3) Sprinkle with bacon and green onions.
4) Crack eggs into divots and bake immediately.
5) Bake for 35 minutes until crisp and egg fully cooked. I loved this pizza! It wasn’t the greatest reheated…but I’m sure you can guess I ate it anyway. The egg got funky but hey, if it meant I didn’t have to grocery shop or find something else, then I’d eat almost anything.


go I think I would also like to try a scrambled egg-type of pizza. Like this. Or this. I’m trying to think up fun and exciting new pizza themes for my next one. Maybe I’ll have to give a thin crust a whirl. Any suggestions for toppings?
The pizza stone has changed my life and my pizza. It’s such a difference. If you have one, you’ll agree. If you don’t, you should go get one.  The dough is fluffy and puffy, which I love.

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