Soft & Crunchy Taco Together

After seeing a LOT of Taco Bell ads for Dorrito tacos I remembered a taco they used to make with a hard AND soft taco together. I think it was a crunchwrap supreme or google images tells me maybe it was a gordita? I like the crunchwrap supreme name.

I basically glued the soft tortilla to the crunchy shell with cheese. Glued together with cheese. What a wonderful phrase!

I layed the flour tortilla down and topped it with some salsa con queso and shredded cheddar.
I placed the crunchy shell on top
I then put them into the oven for 5 minutes, flipping once.
It melted the cheese and softened the tortilla.
They didn’t stay together perfectly, but gravity helped. These were totally fun and a little bit different. There’s no reason to eat twice the calories but they are automatically better than Taco Bell’s version.

P.S. Happy birthday to my Momma!

3 thoughts on “Soft & Crunchy Taco Together

  1. I’m not a hard taco fan, but for those who are this is the perfect solution to your taco falling apart after the first bite! Also, a gordita is a thick soft shell, like a flatbread almost… my favorite! This is def a crunchwrap! ;)

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