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go site Happy we-made-it-through-May! Phew. I’m so happy with my event, and also so happy I’m done. It is such a relief and a learning experience for me. I wanted to see myself do it better than last year, make good changes, and do it for the city I love and with the team I love. I’m so proud to design my route to show the parts of the city that are so special and to make it the weekend of a lifetime. This month is such a doozy and I’m thankful to also move on to have more wiggle room and free time. Just you wait for some fun June posts now that I canĀ breatheĀ again.

go site Maybe June will be the month I get back on my “year of the: craft”. I seriously fell off that bandwagon and have some catching up to do. cough:since:February:couch. Ms. K and I have thought about all our pinterest crafts coupled with sangria for a really great day. Maybe June will be the winner?

get link May seriously flew by. I think time is going by faster in my pre-30s. I FINALLY went to the Bacon & Beer Festival. So fun! Armed with a spork and 1 mini beer cup we traversed through the crowds and I loved seeing who had Bacon foods there. I’ve been dreaming of this day. bacon_beer_sign_590_390 source I make ’em a lot, so I figured I’d share Calzone Tips & Tricks. My #1 trick: fill. it. up. Seriously. Fill it more than you think. turkey_meatball_filled_590_390 get link Mr. J helped me out with a guest post of his specialty Huevos Rancheros. His photos are drool-worthy. guest_huevos_rancheros_plate_590_390
I successfully baked something! These Peanut Butter and Jelly Gramwiches were a shot in the dark but came out great!

Cheap Valium Bulk Windsor got dog-shamed on the blog…but isn’t he so cute?
Those are some of my favorite posts/happenings of May. Happy June!

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