Soft & Crunchy Taco Together

4 After seeing a LOT of Taco Bell ads for Dorrito tacos I remembered a taco they used to make with a hard AND soft taco together. I think it was a crunchwrap supreme or google images tells me maybe it was a gordita? I like the crunchwrap supreme name.

crunchwrap_plate_590_390 I basically glued the soft tortilla to the crunchy shell with cheese. Glued together with cheese. What a wonderful phrase! I layed the flour tortilla down and topped it with some salsa con queso and shredded cheddar. Cheap Xanax Fast Delivery crunchwrap_cheese_590_390 Soma 350Mg Tablets I placed the crunchy shell on top crunchwrap_lay_590_390 I then put them into the oven for 5 minutes, flipping once. crunchwrap_baked_590_390 It melted the cheese and softened the tortilla. crunchwrap_plate_590_390 They didn’t stay together perfectly, but gravity helped. These were totally fun and a little bit different. There’s no reason to eat twice the calories but they are automatically better than Taco Bell’s version.

Buy Diazepam Online Cheap P.S. Happy birthday to my Momma!

4 thoughts on “Soft & Crunchy Taco Together

  1. Took the idea and made it the same way I make our favorite tacos. I m not sure if we ll ever go back to the old way. These were sooooooo good. I followed the directions except I didn t add the taco seasoning to the refried beans. The shells held together very well and didn t move around using the beans. I did make mine using guacamole on the soft tortilla shell and stuffed the hard taco shell with refried beans topped with all the fixings but it did get VERY messy and the soft shell moved all over the place while I was eating!!! But it was still very good and a good way to make this meatless. (If you use veg. refried beans of course) I think this is how we will make our tacos from now on!! Thanks.