What I Ate: Teriyaki Turkey Rice Bowls

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https://www.jaumebalmes.com/eqpybueWhat I Ate’ is a series of posts for so-easy-this-doesn’t-need-a-recipe but I’m sharing with you for the idea or inspiration.

https://dopsiurana.com/1lmlrbqe I love a build-your-own rice bowl and have adapted many times. The little one can eat his weight in brown rice so this one came together easily in the spirit of a weeknight dinner to be prepped in advance. Those mad rushes between daycare pick up, arriving home with a sweet request for playtime outside, and dogs who have missed humans mean that once 6ish strikes dinner neeeeeds to be well underway. https://artesaniadelapalma.com/sxvswl8t0 The Three Bite Rule - Teriyaki Bowls


https://alfombrasbsb.com/ueyy7apz I made the brown rice in the pressure cooker that morning, roasted the broccoli most of the way that morning, AND cooked the ground turkey the night before. #winning Photowise, I wish I had tons more add ins, but this was quick & easy so it won’t win an instagram prize, but it is real-life!


Teriyaki Turkey Rice Bowls (for 3-4)


1 cup brown rice (& liquid as rice instructs) https://alfombrasbsb.com/cw32scv 3/4 pound ground turkey (or sub ground chicken/pork/beef) https://abressa.com/wrxrk1br3 1 tablespoon minced garlic 2 tablespoons teriyaki sauce https://acatfcl.cat/m5ywnnoa 2 small heads of broccoli https://elartedemedir.com/blog/r5q8289prq 1 teaspoon sesame oil https://culturviajes.org/2023/09/14/rtyd0p3 1 teaspoon rice vinegar https://www.a-crear.com/4v84vjo 1 teaspoon sesame seeds


Cook the rice according to the package. (If cooking it in advance, add a splash of water when reheating.) Brown the ground turkey in a large pan. When it has cooked for about 3-5 minutes, drain off any moisture. Then add in half of the teriyaki sauce (1 tablespoon) and the garlic to cook another 3-5 minutes. (If prepping in advance, cook less and ensure to cook through before serving.) https://elmilanoreal.com/3cjpf5mxw Roast the broccoli with a drizzle of oil, salt, and pepper for ~10 minutes at 375 degrees. https://araquealuminios.com/6d44n7dw Whisk together the remaining teriyaki sauce (1 tablespoon) with sesame oil and rice vinegar. https://aguasdeburgos.com/fv22ij87gu Assemble with rice on the bottom, broccoli, ground turkey, a small drizzle of sauce (careful, it is strong flavored), and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Enjoy!


https://abressa.com/keetlvpnx I loved this. It was super flavorful and a nice balance. I would also love other add ins, like: edemame; lightly sauteed purple cabbage; and bean sprouts.
The Three Bite Rule - Teriyaki Bowls

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https://www.a-crear.com/ofyeso270o I tend to grab ground chicken since it is 99% of the time priced lower than ground turkey but this time the turkey was on sale. These bowls would be an easy use for any leftovers, or could be reduced for a single serving. The little one was most into the rice and the crunchies (sesame seeds).