What I Ate: Sweet Potato Taco


https://serenityspaonline.com/hbd1g7bWhat I Ate’ is a series of posts for so-easy-this-doesn’t-need-a-recipe but I’m sharing with you for the idea or inspiration.


I was craving sweet potatoes and got it in my head that it should be the base of taco-night. I thought the sweet vs spicy seemed tasty and healthier than the average taco dinner of course with some tortilla chips & salsa on the side 😉 Mine was some leftover taco chicken and Mr. J’s had ground venison.

Half the potato and fork-fluff/squish the flesh. https://therepairstore.ca/5xobkqye Top with black beans cooked with a little water, green pepper, and onion. https://manabernardes.com/2024/o1xu7w06m2y Add some taco-spiced chicken or ground beef. Sprinkle with cheddar and enjoy!

https://manabernardes.com/2024/v94mbsiis The Three Bite Rule - Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos

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Mr. J had some ground venison that had been hanging out in the freezer. https://equinlab.com/2024/01/18/4i8hpmivh0s The Three Bite Rule - Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos https://gungrove.com/7s9h3vs6 I loved this! The potato was good vehicle for this and sweet potatoes are a good way to get some additional colors & nutrients into the meal. I don’t know that Mr. J would ask for this all the time, but it was super quick (since our taco meat was already cooked) and it is always beneficial to have us eating beans and sweet potato. The little guy ate some plain sweet potato. He’s loving the pieces of food!

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