What I Ate: His & Hers Caesar Salad

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source linkWhat I Ate’ is a series of posts for so-easy-this-doesn’t-need-a-recipe but I’m sharing with you for the idea or inspiration.

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https://palmlabsadhesives.com/cpx5bh3cu I love caesar salad for the fresh greens, the salty Parmesan, and crunchy croutons, and garlicky dressing. It isn’t the healthiest salad, but it is ohh-so-good. It made for such a quick dinner to welcome spring. The simplicity is the charm.


https://www.nnhopes.org/nnh-blog/2vdm56qh I topped mine with grilled shrimp. I squirted the shrimp with a touch of lemon, salt, and pepper. They only needed to grill for a few minutes for the charred flavor.


source url The Three Bite Rule - Caesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/0r8z7ov3y Mr. J had his topped with steak. The steak marinated all day in a teriyaki marinade.

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source site The Three Bite Rule - Caesar Salad with Grilled Steak https://makerversity.org/si6477d9u I toasted a few slices of wheat bread, tossed with olive oil, Italian seasoning, and salt. Instant croutons! While the steak & shrimp was grilling, I whipped up a quick caesar dressing I’ve made before.


enter Sometimes the easiest meals are exactly what I want. Other times I want lots of complicated components juggling more than is necessary for a random week night. It was awesome to blend the dressing, toss the salad together, and get the grill going. I had everything made, cleaned up, and plated by the time the steak & shrimp was off the grill. #winning

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