What I Ate: Antipasto

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https://emduk.org/p47h3ex The Italian salad ‘antipasto’ itself means before the meal. Well, this was THE meal. I chose some meats, cheeses, and paired them with veggies. I made my own croutons and drizzled a balsamic reduction. https://www.vertaglia.com/5ka9ogafx3 Antipasto Salad source url This was a perfect dinner on a hot night. I’m trying to be conscious about adding some easier, less strenuous meals. Sometimes I burn myself out by trying to one-up my own meals


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see url This is really where this What I Ate series came from. Easy things that aren’t worth blogging are good too. I always have a soft spot for an easy meal that can just highlight quality ingredients. I feel like Joey eating Rachel’s trifle/shepard’s pie. Fresh mozzarella? good! gouda? good! english cucumbers? good! pepperoni? good! Rachel’s Dessert


Get Cheap Xanax Online This is also a great belated tribute to my Dad’s bday. He can’t cook much but his antipasti are out of this world!

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