Greek Stuffed Burgers

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Buy Alprazolam Mexico Way back when I made stuffed burgers. These were themed for Mr. J (blue cheese & bacon) but I had all sorts of plans for other fillings.
It’s been quite awhile, but I made them again! This time I made a Greek inspired one and grilled it. Ohh my burger goodness. I filled them with feta and topped them with spinach, red onions, and cucumber. These burgers are delicious and great for something different.
Hmmm. Sky’s the limit for burger toppings/stuffings. Maybe a cowboy caramelized onions/bbq sauce/cheddar stuffed burger will be next. Or maybe a Southwestern with Pepperjack cheese and salsa.

Homemade Pizza Techniques 0

follow Here’s a short bite for ya on this holiday… As you either know, or as you can tell, I’m pizza obsessed. I don’t always order it but I love it in all forms and I’ve messed around with it a lot. It is still a work in progress but as I was adjusting to my oven, you saw this pizza go wayyy too far in the oven. Here’s my latest, greatest, tip for crunchy crust at home. are you ready???

Order Valium Online Prebake the dough a bit! I put the dough onto my hot pizza stone and baked it a bit (5 minutes or so) before I topped it and put it back in! That’s how it came out looking like this:
rather than like last time when it looked like this:
neopolitan_pizza_2_590_390 The crust didn’t crisp enough and the cheese was starting to basically disintegrate. Forget about the basil, that was toast…literally.

Buy Xanax Tablets So, my latest greatest technique proved itself and I was psyched. It probably needed a minute less to not look like the fake-n-bake bimbo of the pizza world. It might not be like the true neopolitan pizza of Naples, it is by far my latest success!
pizza_recreation_590_390 I sure am thankful for this holiday today. My office’s Valentine’s Day potluck is burning a whole in my pocket!

Sweet & Salty 10 Minute Snack

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see url I’m pretty jazzed about these chocolate covered pretzels and just had to show you! Also, doesn’t everything look better as an instagram?! pretzels These were somewhat unplanned, but I love pretzel rods and used some ebelskiver fillings I had hanging around. The red are peppermint chips, the white & brown are crunchies meant for topping ice cream, and the tan is heath bits.

Buy Valium Cheap Online I didn’t know how to coordinate dipping these so I just spread the melted chocolate on with a spatula. I rolled the chocolate pretzels into the toppings on my counter and that worked really well. The chocolate didn’t seize up and the toppings stuck really well without much wasted. Hooray! They’ll be devoured at this weekend’s housewarming party and chances are, it’ll take me a while to post the rest of our goodies since I have a bazillion other posts coming up so hopefully this will tide ya over!

A Sweet Bite

go here 1 Just writing about gelato makes me want some…especially in this heat. While I was working in San Francisco recently, my colleagues in the local office shared a super fun treat with all of us: Gelato on a stick!
I just learned that the only difference between gelato and ice cream is the butterfat content. It was a perfect treat while we were working (and enjoying) the sun. I really love San Fran and know that we’ll always be treated fantastic meals.
It is definitely the best Italian dessert. Mr. J and I also just booked our honeymoon to Italy & Spain so I’ll be sure to report back about the gelato in my future. Also you have some other food-on-a-stick to look forward to coming up!

Southern Sweet Treat 0 In case the Easter Bunny didn’t leave you enough treats, I wanted to share this little bite with you. While I was in Houston working an event, I got a special little treat from Starbucks. Have you seen the Starbucks Petites? They are so darn cute. There are bite (or 3 bite) sized treats. We had the pops. They are cake and icing rolled into pops on a stick.
Rocky Road Cake Pops had chocolate cake, chocolate icing, almonds and mini marshmallows. Tiramisu Cake Pops was vanilla cake, Starbucks coffee, and vanilla icing and a chocolate covered coffee bean.
Realistically, there’s nothing about this that warrents the pop stick. It’s definitely for the cuteness factor but that’s ok. That’s the basis of the appeal. Photos courtesy of of one Mrs. C and treats courtesy of another Mrs. C!

3 Bite Slurp 0

Diazepam Buy Now I wanted to introduce you to a little bite…something I discover and enjoy but isn’t quite a recipe or review… The other day as I was running errands near work I stopped to peruse the books on sale outside Boarders bookstore. What did I come upon? A cafe barista/server (is it only Starbucks who calls them baristas?) giving out free samples. bite_boarders_290_200

source I don’t mind if I do! How darn cute is it?! I had to include my awkward hand so you can see the size.