Stuffed Burgers 2 For Mr. J’s bday we had a multi-day celebration. Since his birthday was a weekday AND a Bruin’s playoff game, I knew it should be fun, quick, and something to psych him up for the game (as if he needed help getting excited)! stuffed_burger_donej_290_200 follow url I made stuffed burgers after having such success with the burgers on the grill pan inside. I see them on menus but of course they never seem to offer them as turkey or chicken so I can’t usually partake. I made Mr. J a beef burger stuffed with blue cheese and bacon. I made myself a turkey burger stuffed with Monterey Jack and bacon.  SO good! They were also very easy.

Ingredients: 1/3 pound ground beef/turkey for each burger Buy Diazepam Usa 2 slices of bacon, cooked & crumbled enter site 2 tbs chopped, shredded, or crumbled cheese 2 rolls

Directions: Form the patty with most of the meat for the burger. Reserve the last bit for the top. stuffed_burger_myinside_290_200stuffed_burger_jinside_290_200 Add cheese and bacon. Apply the reserve to the top of the filling while forming the sides to meet the top. follow url Grill on each side, covering if needed to cook through stuffed_burger_cooks_290_200

source site He was happy to have ground beef at home for a change since I do everything in turkey or chicken. We both thought these were fun and want to try again too! I was thinking going Greek with feta and spinach would be great as well.

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