Shrimp and Couscous Salad

1 Sometimes it is just too hot to really cook. I don’t like when it is this hot out. I don’t know how people like the 90s. Yuck. It was too hot to cook, we had just been away for the weekend, I hadn’t planned anything so I was digging around to see what I could whip up. I came up with this salad-y dish that was perfect! shrimp_couscous_text_590_390

Ingredients: 5 medium-large shrimp, pealed, deveined, and cooked (I used frozen) ½ cup Israeli couscous ¾ cup chicken/veggie stock/water/white wine (liquid of your choosing) 2 tbs whole grain mustard 1 tsp butter 1 cup edemame (I used unshelled, if they’re in the pods cook and pop them out earlier) ½ cup bell pepper, chopped salt & pepper


Add couscous to a medium pan over medium heat to toast for about 3 minutes. Shake them around until they start getting a little tan colored. Add in the liquid (I used chicken stock) and cover for 5 minutes.
Cook edemame (mine was frozen and deshelled and just needed to boil for 5 min).
Chop pepper and cut shrimp into 3rds or leave whole, depending on your preference while couscous is cooking
Remove from heat and add in butter and mustard.
Drop in edemame, peppers, and shrimp.
Stir until combined and sprinkle in cracked pepper and kosher salt. This was so easy and I was using what I had. I didn’t have anything citrus based, but that would be really fresh and perfect for shrimp. I liked the butter and mustard flavors. The peppers are raw but warm up a bit from the heat of everything else. They add a good crunch. I loved this one dish meal. I’ve made couscous before sort of like this but this time, it got to be the whole meal!


This could easily have a bunch of substitutions. Salad dressing would be a good substitute for the mustard if that isn’t your thing. It would nix a lot of calories to use water instead of chicken stock in the couscous, and to omit the butter, but I figured it was under 400 calories anyway so I’d live it up. I would have chopped spinach if I had some or cherry tomatoes would be great. My cucumber was questionable but I thought that would be a good crunch. This could use any veggies you had around. I loved the colors and felt so summery eating outside on the deck!

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