BLT Pasta Salad


Buy Soma 500Mg Now that the 4th is over, the pressure is off for your food to be red/white/blue. Phew! I was thinking this pasta salad was getting so hearty that it didn’t really need to just be a side, I thought it could be almost the whole meal. I put it on salad with a few more veggies and thought it was great! blt_salad_overhead_590_390

Ingredients: 6 oz plain greek yogurt 1 envelope Ranch Dressing (or Italian Dressing) 10 oz dried pasta (any shape you like) 4 slices of bacon 2 tomatoes 1 cucumber


In advance: mix yogurt and dressing packet together and refrigerate for 3+ hours. Boil pasta until cooked through, but just a little al dante. (I cook it longer than when I prepare hot pasta). Fry bacon until crisp. Let pasta cool. Chop tomatoes, cucumbers, and bacon. Mix dressing onto room temperature pasta. Buy Diazepam Online Review blt_salad_pasta_590_390 Chill for an hour-or-two before serving. Serve as pasta salad or on top of a green salad. blt_salad_plate_590_390 Basil would have been a good addition to make the pasta salad be more BLT instead of the lettuce. I used Greek yogurt to up the protein and lower the fat from mayo. If it dries out, add a tablespoon or two of milk to get it creamy again before serving. There are pretty much a million substitutions for this one…ready? go!