Multiple Christmas Dinners 0

Buy Yellow Valium Christmas probably seems like a long time ago for you, but for Mr. J and I, it was a whirlwind and feels like it just happened. We really tried not to wish Christmas away while awaiting our closing date and moving day. Christmas is a multi-day, multi-state, multi-family celebration for Mr. J and me. We coordinate our travel plans to spend time with his family in Maine and with my family in Greater Boston. It’s so fun, quite tiring, and there’s many meals. Here’s my recap of how those days were enjoyed through the meals.

source link At my family’s holiday, we are all about the traditional foods year after year. Apparently we cannot (or will not) break a few of these food traditions. On Christmas eve the R family has soup (clam chowder) xmas_ran_din_soup_590_390 My dad madee an amazing antipasto salad. He’s not really the cook in our family so we were impressed! xmas_ran_din_salad_590_390 My mum made the cutest cheese ball I’ve ever seen. go to link xmas_ran_din_snowman390_590 follow link On Christmas morning, we have coffee and a cheesecake-like coffee cake while we start gifts. It had apricot jelly and almonds on it. xmas_ran_bfast_cofcake_590_390 source site During a gift break, we have brunch with this casserole assembled the night before. It has rice, ham, cheese, eggs, and asparagus. It’s creamy and delicious. xmas_ran_bfast_egg_590_390 Christmas dinner was a surprise this year. Turducken! I was sooo excited to try it. We weren’t overly impressed and I think their suggested cooking time was way too much. enter xmas_ran_din_turduck_590_390 We weren’t sure it would feed the 7 adults attending so we had a few heftier sides like this awesome shrimp dish (just shrimp, butter, and ritz). xmas_ran_din_shrimp_590_390 We had a Yule Log since it’s Dad’s favorite. Buy Liquid Valium Online xmas_ran_din_youle click here In Maine Mrs. S recreated my failed apple bacon stuffed French toast. Amazing. It was so thick, sticky, and had plenty of crunchy bacon. I loved it and I knew somebody else could do it right. see xmas_chi_bfast_390_590 see For lunch/dinner we had a cool ramen and cabbage salad. I’ve never had one with grapes and I loved it. see url xmas_chi_din_noodles_590_390 Buy Valium Sleeping Tablets We had some crockpot dishes that were good for feasting throughout the afternoon. The turkey meatballs we delicious. xmas_chi_din_balls_590_390
I wish I got a shot of the cake balls. I mean I ate enough of them there really wasn’t an excuse not to get a photo. Christmas was really fun and we are always so grateful to make it to both families.