June 2023 Recap

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Order Alprazolam Making it to July always feels like such a win. Just surviving June having my end of the fiscal year, all. the. elementary school festivities., and everything else is definitely survival mode. July 1 is so so close! We wisened up and chose this week for camp – I couldn’t have the busiest week of work and be useful in decisions for where/when/what he’d do otherwise.

I kicked off the month with a girls weekend that was everything I needed. It was perfect to set up this full month. We celebrated Mr J’s birthday and father’s day and fit in lots of very spring-feeling things.

In the kitchen, I was most psyched about this Chicken Caesar Salad Burger! It is such a winner.

The Three Bite Rule - Chicken Caesar Salad Burgers

Order Xanax Online Canada I also made a cocktail – Pineapple Mojitos with mint, pineapple simple syrup and rum.

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Pineapple Mojito - The Three Bite Rule

see We had peach pecan waffles which were so so good. It was too early for fresh peaches but the canned peaches also give you that flavorful syrup to go into the waffle mix. You can thank me later.

The Three Bite Rule - Peach Pecan Waffles

https://aguasamazonicas.org/en2cqjri https://yplocal.us/m37ibbci6 The big kid:
He (and Mr J) wrapped up a fun baseball season. Nobody is more bipartisan than the parents at a playoff game who are happy to watch but also happy for the opposing team to keep having more games. He loved the end of year family picnic, field day, all the theme days, and our last day of school party. We had 35 kiddos, 20 parents, and had a great time. He loves a routine which is less of a norm in the summer, but camps are repeats this year so that’ll be good. I cannot believe 2nd grade is done. His teacher was so impressive and I love the friendships he developed.

see The little one:
She’s about to start swim lessons and she seems excited! We’re ready for more sunny weekends! She had a daycare “graduation” which was adorable but also she’ll keep going all summer so it could have just been a party for the sake of a party. She seems so big now. There are more and more things she does independently and she cannot wait for kindergarten.


see Order Prescription Xanax Online Goals:
here Year of workwear! I added some pants that are not exciting, but necessary.
enter Salads or side-dishes: We had salad bar one night, does that count?
Buy Valium Cheap Uk prep ahead bfasts or lunches for weekdays: I had some tomato/mozzarella/arugula sandwiches with balsamic aioli that made for a delicious but mindless-to-pack lunch.
see url Monthly dates: Ehh, this didn’t fit in.
go to site Declutter/cleaning: I handed over a big bag of hand me downs that will be too warm for our always hot guy.
Order Xanax From China Workouts as a routine: Yes! I went from one to another one that has too much jump roping but I’m doing it.
https://restoreredspruce.org/2024/05/13/hmwu7zetna What I’m reading: I read Vacationland by Meg Mitchell Moore and liked it for so many points of view in a family/town in Maine. Then I read Bad Mormon by Heather Gay which was pretty good – I don’t know her from Real Housewives of Salt Late City, but imagine readers would be more into it who do. I just finished The Summer Job by Lizzie Dent and was really into it. It is more wine/hotel/hospitality and less summer vibes but that’s fine with me.


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