Grilled Peach & Ricotta Toasts 0

Zolpidem Online Purchase Eat this as toast, eat this as an open-faced grilled cheese, eat this as a pizza or flatbread – whatever you do, make yourself some grilled peach & ricotta {insert format here} and it will wow you.

The Three Bite Rule - Peach Ricotta Toast Also, for the record, whenever I say peach I likely mean nectarine since I’m not into the fuzz. Grilled Peach & Ricotta Toasts Ingredients: (for 2 people, or 4 app servings) 1 peach 1 tablespoon butter or olive oil Order Generic Ambien Online 1/2 cup ricotta 2 tablespoons honey Buy Ambien Online Usa basil or mint Ambien Cr Purchase Directions: Slice the peach and grill until the outside is a little caramelized but not too soft.

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The Three Bite Rule - Peach Ricotta Toast Toast the bread (in a toaster, on the grill, or in a skillet lightly brushed with olive oil or butter). Spread on ricotta, a sprinkle of salt & pepper, and the peaches.
The Three Bite Rule - Peach Ricotta Toast Chiffonade the basil and sprinkle on top. Then, drizzle with honey.
The Three Bite Rule - Peach Ricotta Toast Enjoy! This has so many possibilities. It was lunch this time but would be great on little baguette rounds for snacks! I’d also love it with another piece of bread that has some melted cheese like a panini! Swap the drizzle of honey with balsamic reduction for a little more contrast if you’d like! Not as into ricotta (it is ok, nobody is) use cream cheese or marscapone or goat cheese.

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