French Onion Deviled Eggs

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see url I just have too many variations to save them for gatherings so these were a mini batch for a weekend snack. That’s the beauty of deviled eggs- make a little or a lot! Seriously, I made 2 eggs, so 4 halves. These babies were packed with flavor…so much so that I toned it down for the recipe below. I stole a tiny bit of onion soup mix from a packet, but have a pretty good work around too for a homemade version. follow link The Three Bite Rule - French Onion Deviled Eggs


French Onion Deviled Eggs

Ingredients (for 2-4 people – double for a party): 2 hard-boiled eggs, cooled 2 tablespoons mayo follow 1 teaspoon yellow mustard or dijon go here 1/4 teaspoon French Onion Soup mix (see alternative & uses for the leftovers below) salt & pepper 2 teaspoons crispy fried onions (see uses for the leftovers below)

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see Halve the eggs and pop the yolks into a bowl or food processor then add in the mayo, mustard, soup mix, and blend very well. source url The Three Bite Rule - French Onion Deviled Eggs follow url Add a touch of salt & pepper and mix well and then taste it. Add more salt & pepper if needed, or more mayo to mellow it out if too strong. Spoon into the bottom corner of a zip top bag (I use a glass to hold it open & upright). The Three Bite Rule - French Onion Deviled Eggs In a dry pan, toast the crispy fried onions over medium heat, watching not to burn. Snip the bottom and pipe into each egg half. Fill each to be level with the egg, then go back and pipe into a circle on top so each one has enough. The Three Bite Rule - French Onion Deviled Eggs

Buy Valium From China Go easy on the salt until tasting it if using mix.

see url French Onion Soup mix alternative: equal parts onion powder, garlic powder, minced dried onion, salt, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. If using part of a packet,┬áthe remaining can easily become dip/stuffing seasoning/burger seasoning/roast potato seasoning. If using part of crispy fried onions container, the remainder is fun as a mac & cheese topper (here!) or we’ve put them on hot dogs with BBQ & cheddar. Both ingredients are SO great for a Onion Dip Burger (excuse the 6-year-old photos I really should re-shoot).