Cuban Sliders


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Cuban sliders were the perfect answer to some leftover pulled pork! This was leftover from the new Blue Ribbon BBQ location near our house for my birthday! It was so good with BBQ sauce but for leftover pork, transforming it is the best. Pork is just too easy to do that with! Some went into quesadillas, some have become tacos in the past, on pizza, in a panini, and the list goes on. The Three Bite Rule - Cuban Sliders

Cuban Sliders


Buy Xanax Wholesale ~1 cup pulled pork 2 slider rolls 1/2 cup shredded swiss cheese ~6-8 pickle chips 3 tablespoons yellow mustard (I mixed yellow mustard and & sweet golden mustard BBQ sauce) (sliced ham would make this a true cuban)


Preheat the oven to 375-degrees. Warm the pork through. Slice the buns, spread mustard onto the top and bottom. Layer the pickles then the pork onto the rolls. The Three Bite Rule - Cuban Sliders Sprinkle the cheese on and pop them into the oven for ~5 minutes until the cheese melts. The Three Bite Rule - Cuban Sliders Serve and enjoy! The Three Bite Rule - Cuban Sliders These were so good! The mustard and pickles took it from barbecue to a Cuban sandwich. These would be fun cut into smaller pieces if using bigger, oblong rolls as an appetizer.

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