Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

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here Were you thinking I was over my smoothie kick? Ohh no. I haven’t had as many creative ones, but I got this in my head and couldn’t shake it. I love cherries minus the pits. Chocolate and cherry together is devine. I found dark cherries in the freezer section, and I only by frozen fruit with no sugar added. Note: the ingredients should just list the fruit itself.

Ingredients: pitted cherries, frozen 1 apple, chopped here vanilla yogurt watch splash of milk 3 tbs chocolate syrup

Directions: Add the cherries, apple, yogurt, milk and chocolate together source link choc_cherry_smoothie_layers_590_390 Blend and enjoy

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here This one was wayyy better than it looks. The color might be a smidge off putting. It is reddish-brownish-tanish. The color might not win awards but the flavors are fantastic. enter choc_cherry_smoothie_mixed_590_390

follow The chocolate was just enough. I added the apple to up the fruit quotient without adding too many favors to the mix. I thought banana might take over. I thought blueberries might confuse the cherry flavor. One frozen and one raw fruit made for a perfectly frosty yet drinkable smoothie. Any other flavor ideas/suggestions?

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