Tuna and White Bean Protein-Packed Salad

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enter site Salads for lunch can be tricky. Sometimes they’re tasty but not filling, or sometimes they’re delicious but full of the add-ons and not the healthy parts. I made this one with a tweak on the traditional Italian tuna & white bean salad by really upping the greens. Balance is the goal right now. The days often end with ice cream so starting with a green-based smoothie and lunch centered around veggies, fish, and protein seems like a good idea. go to link The Three Bite Rule - Tuna & White Bean Protein Salad


Tuna & White Bean Protein Salad (for 2 servings)


go to link 1/2 cup white beans see 1 can tuna, white in water click here 1/2 cucumber go 1/2 tomato follow url 2-3 cups arugula



Buy Diazepam Sleeping Tablets Rinse beans, drain tuna, and wash and chop the tomatoes, cucumber, and greens. see The Three Bite Rule - Tuna & White Bean Protein Salad go to site Add everything to a bowl. https://clikealo.com/8294a7mw4 Mix one part Italian dressing and 1 part Creamy Caesar dressing. Then toss the salad in the dressing. click The Three Bite Rule - Tuna & White Bean Protein SaladEnjoy!


Order Valium Online Europe I liked the heft to the salad with the tuna and the beans with the fresh and crisp greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I often have arugula around because I love the peppery flavor, and it has a pretty long shelf-life in the fridge. The dressing gives the ideal alive, vinegar touch with the decadence of a creamy dressing too.


get link I only tossed half with the dressing and batched the rest up for the next day. I’m home on maternity leave and sometimes have fun in the kitchen come lunch time…other days, I’m grateful to have a no-brainer lunch ready to sneak it in before the next feeding/naptime/etc. I don’t often bring tuna to the office for lunch because of the smell-factor, but it would be a perfect dinner to have ready too. Reducing (and finely chopping) the greens would make this more like the traditional Italian one that would be great scooped onto crackers! https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/vjxodt7ts The Three Bite Rule - Tuna & White Bean Protein Salad


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