Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash

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https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/mgp8uewfovr Happy 2022! We started the new year with this fun breakfast after getting to sleep in and it was great – a bit decadent from the bacon and the maple aoli but a bit smartly balanced from the sweet potato and egg.

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The Three Bite Rule - Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash

source site Both the bacon and sweet potato can be made ahead – or cooked a few ways. That would even turn it into a speedy weekday breakfast too! https://mybeautybunny.com/zmsnzp0wk see https://melissasmissteak.com/joep7oha Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash Buy Valium India Ingredients: (for 2) https://palmlabsadhesives.com/ckyd41r7ik 1 sweet potato Buy Valium In Canada 4 strips of bacon https://www.woolcan.net/kfdt62s 2 tablespoons mayo here 2-3 teaspoons maple syrup source site 2-4 eggs https://www.mtwmag.com/uz25uq3 https://melissasmissteak.com/lje8nk8a follow Directions: https://londonorienteering.co.uk/2023/11/gxbstt4 Peal and chop the sweet potato into bite-sized pieces. Then cook (bake ~20 minutes or airfry ~10 minutes or pan fry ~ 10 minutes & bonus points if cooking them in the bacon fat!) see Fry the bacon – ~20 minutes in the oven or chop into small pieces and pan fry for ~7 minutes. https://iberomedia.com/blog-inbound-marketing/ndgejoeqno Mix together the mayo and syrup together. Start with some of the syrup and add more to taste.

The Three Bite Rule - Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash

source site Mix together the sweet potatoes and chopped bacon and divide onto plates. Drizzle half of the aoli on top. go Cook the eggs sunny-side or over easy with salt and pepper. https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/r46rvl3cbin Put the eggs on top and drizzle remaining maple aoli on top. Order Valium Online Canada Enjoy!

The Three Bite Rule - Sweet Potato & Bacon Hash

Cheap Valium Bulk I loved this. The runny yolk is the best. The aoli could swap the maple with hot sauce instead! Add some onions and peppers. Add some garlic. Add in some black beans. Go for what you like! A shred of cheese would be delicious too.
Our bacon was leftover from NYE sliders. Sometimes I make it in the oven or anytime it is crumbled means pan frying in little pieces would be easy too. This would be ideal as breakfast-for-dinner too!

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