Pomegranate Cider Cocktail or Mocktail


Cocktail or mocktail! Take your pick! I’ll be real and say I tested & photographed this out during the little one’s naptime so I went mocktail so I could be productive for the afternoon but later the champagne version was delicious!
The Three Bite Rule - Pomegranate Cider Cocktail

Bubbly Pomegranate Cider


2 oz Pomegranate juice
4 oz apple cider
1 oz limoncello or citrus vodka (optional)
7 oz ginger ale (mini can) or champagne


Add pomegranate juice to a cocktail shaker with cider and ice. For a cocktail version, add limoncello or citrus vodka.
The Three Bite Rule - Pomegranate Cider Cocktail
Shake and pour over ice into 2 glasses.
Top with ginger ale or champagne.
The Three Bite Rule - Pomegranate Cider Cocktail
This is a great one to make to order, or to make a big pitcher for guests! I’d totally include this on a mimosa(-ish) bar for brunch! I liked the bubbles to cut the sweetness of the cider & juice. It is an easy one to make to your taste.

I can see kiddos liking the mocktail version while others have the champs in there.

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