Kale Pesto Soup with White Beans & Sausage

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https://www.jacobysaustin.com/2024/05/ht1a4z2nqv I made a big batch of kale pesto awhile ago and froze a few servings. I was thinking about uses for this flavor-packed sauce other than on pasta. I added some to soup in place of the traditional chopped kale in soup with white bean and sausage. This soup is comforting, super flavorful, and such a balanced meal.

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Buy Diazepam Ampoules The Three Bite Rule - Kale Pesto
This was ideal for a lunch on a cool day and then I packed the other servings up to bring for lunch at work. This whole packing-lunch thing is tricky as I was out of the habit when I got lunch at work. Soups have been good for lunch variety and I love that it doesn’t have to be made in a mass quantity.

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Kale Pesto Soup with White Beans & Sausage (for ~4 servings)


https://dentaris-sa.com/2024/05/13/67n8fzh 1/4 cup kale pesto
3 1/2 cups chicken broth
2 small potatoes
2 cups fresh spinach
1 can white beans
1-2 links chicken sausage



click Heat broth in a large pot over low heat.
Cook the potato. Chop the sausage and the spinach. Rinse the beans.
Add everything to the broth and cook for 30 minutes.
The Three Bite Rule - Kale Pesto Soup
Serve & enjoy!
The Three Bite Rule - Kale Pesto Soup
This had such amazing flavor from the pesto. I used spinach as the greens in there for more mild flavor and texture but any other would work well too. I only had 1 sausage link so I upped the beans and potato.


https://thegreathighway.com/vgk6mzbf I have a cocktail-mocktail coming up next. Stay tuned!

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