Peanut Butter, Banana and Nutella Smoothie 2 My go-to breakfast is often a smoothie. I got a pretttty awesome new Nina blender with single serve smoothie attachment. I ran my last one into the ground (circa 2004?). It is still kicking but my new one is freaking amazing.

go Smoothies are filling enough when there’s protein (read: Greek yogurt) and several servings of fruit. My key is liquid to make it blend nicely (milk or low-calorie juice). I was craving nutella too, which is a new ingredient for my smoothies.

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source url Ingredients:
¾ cup vanilla Greek yogurt
1 small-medium banana, sliced
¼ cup reduced fat peanut butter
2 tbs nutella
¼ cup milk (if needed)

follow url Directions:
Add yogurt and banana into the blender.
Add peanut butter and nutella
Blend until smooth.
Add milk as needed.

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click here I loved this one. It was sweeter than some of my other smoothies. I think the banana with the peanut butter was perfect. It was thinner than I usually make. Freezing the banana chunks or adding ice would have made it more thick/frothy/luscious. neutella_smoothie_done_590_390 Do you have a favorite smoothie combo?

2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter, Banana and Nutella Smoothie

  1. This looks very similar to my favorite smoothie at Life Alive – the Elvis Alive with peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. SO good!


    go I make a morning smoothie with a banana, frozen strawberries/peaches/mango/blueberries/or a combination of those, milk/yogurt/juice, and heaping tablespoon of chia seeds. Simple, but a great way to get some fruit in at the beginning of the day.

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