Mexican Cooking Class in Cozumel

Just before the holidays, Mr. J and I went to New Orleans and then got onto a cruise. We stopped in Belize, Honduras  and two cities in Mexico. It was amazing, and it flew by. We loved out time on the beach and some awesome adventures. It was the perfect getaway and break to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary (again). We ran around New Orleans then got to really relax and enjoy the cruise. It was the best of both worlds.

In Cozumel we decided to take a cooking class. After a mini-jeep adventure, a private island beach day, and a tour of Mayan ruins it seemed like a fun and different excursion. It was amazing, my favorite day of the trip.

Our chef instructor was just so funny.

annnnd the margaritas just kept coming which helped the fun.
We made an appetizer of Devil Shrimp Sopes. They were slightly spicy shrimp with a fresh crunch and a great corn masa base.
We made a tamarind fish fillet packet with grouper and chopped veggies
And we made caramelized plantains with a tequila chocolate sauce
It was such a fun class. The drinks were awesome and then the meal was perfectly flavorful.  I was afraid it might be a dumbed down menu but it was great. The fish was really light and flavorful. The app was my favorite part because I have always loved shrimp.

Mr. J didn’t take the chicken option. He tried (and liked!) the grouper! He liked the shrimp app too! The class was just so enjoyable and we were laughing the whole time. We learned some good tips and really enjoyed the lunch.

Afterwards we spend the rest of the day on the beach. Not too shabby.


2 thoughts on “Mexican Cooking Class in Cozumel

  1. Sounds like a great vacation and cooking class! You can see the bright flavors coming through in the pictures – something I LOVE about good Mexican food.

    Where did you go in Belize? I spent two weeks inland in the Belmopan/San Ignacio region – it was so beautiful and everyone was amazingly friendly. I’d love to go back!

    • We went to Belize City, and from there we went to the Lamanai ruins. We tried the local beer Belikin. It was such an interesting place!

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