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here Some of the gal pals came over for dinner & drinks one Friday night and I was making quite the menu plan but since it was a) hot out with a threat of rain and b) a Friday after work, I made myself keep it simple. I knew I wouldn’t have time for everything I imagined and with rain threatening I decided to skip anything grilled. I like build-your-own options for all diets & food preferences of these 6 ladies, which is also conducive to spreading out on my kitchen island. Plus, I always like to cook things I’ll be glad to have as leftovers. That meant: tacos!

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Buy Daz Valium I ended up with a taco bar and made some vegan-friendly tacos to share with you. They were in good company as part of a spread of taco filling options to either be vegan tacos or different additions to regular ground meat as a filling.
The Three Bite Rule - Meatless Taco Options
Taco-spiced zucchini & onions
Chili-lime sweet potato & black beans
toppings: salsa; guac-obvi!; green onions; cheese, sour cream; lettuce; tomato; queso The Three Bite Rule - Meatless Taco Options

follow site I also made my mom’s signature Three Bean dip/salad. It is vinegar-y and fresh. I love it as a taco side dish, or it’s nicely scoop-able with tortilla chips. Shouldn’t everything in life be nicely scoop-able with chips??

Buy Diazepam Uk Online The verdict:
sweet potato & black bean one was nicely filling. It wasn’t all that spicy. I sprinkled a pre-cooked sweet potato with chili powder, a drop of sriracha & a squirt of lime juice. zucchini & onions one good and had the flavor of what I think of tacos being – I sauteed the onions a few minutes and added the zucchini in to cook for the last few minutes with some taco seasoning. With a finer dice, it’d be a really tasty taco topping, versus filling too. Or swap zucc for mushrooms/eggplant as you like. I’d totally eat these again. They’re handy to have in my back pocket for a use of leftover zucchini, sweet potato, or black beans. Or they’d be useful to spread a smaller amount of taco meat that wouldn’t be enough for everyone. Leftovers are fun in quesadillas to feel different!  

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