March 2018 Recap


Wooo! March wrapping up makes me think spring must be coming. Right? I’m pretty over the snow and I’m itching for local produce. Our chives are peeping through so let’s go! My birthday month was fun, and delicious. I redeemed a free birthday sundae just in time even though it hardly felt like ice cream weather! I’m excited for a quick Easter trip to Maine. Stay tuned for a post I prepped for your Easter leftover uses…you might need it!

My fav this month was this sausage burger with peppers and mustard. The pretzel bun makes it. Order Xanax From India The Three Bite Rule - Sausage Pretzel Burger I made a 15 minute, 5 ingredient flatbread with pesto and roasted tomatoes. Buy Upjohn Xanax Online The Three Bite Rule - Pesto Flatbread Everything Bagel seasoning is sold in stores…or maybe just Trader Joe’s, but I make my own. I sprinkled it onto over easy eggs. Day. Made. The Three Bite Rule - Everything Bagel Seasoning

The Little One: He’s seeming so big! Sometimes listening the first time isn’t happening, but we’re working on it. He’s still eating pretty much anything. He loved a take on these Peanut Noodles with Purple Cabbage & Edamame. Gnocchi has been a hit. We’re loving a few minutes to play outside when we get home. I’ve been totally on the dinner-prep-in-advance game so we can get out just for a few minutes. We have done a lot of play-doh and magna-tiles this month and boots crunching in the snow is his fav. We all built a snowman together during the last big storm and check on the melting process regularly. He got to spend a sleepover into a snow-day at the grandparents’ house so that was pretty exciting. We got a new kitchen table and chairs so we swapped him out of the high chair and into a booster on a real chair. Life in the crib is going strong 😉

This year’s goals: 

Buy Diazepam In Bulk Year of the candle: This Salted Grapefruit one is so amazing!  I saved another birthday one for April. Stay tuned!  Cook more appetizers/snacks: I whipped up just a few French Onion Deviled Eggs. Yum!  Buy Real Soma Online Taking time to blog thoughtfully: this speedy Pesto Flatbread was a chance to take-over the train table for some natural light. Journal the cute moments of my little one: I realized jotting them into my phone was handier and getting them into the cute journal later is the way to go. He was adorably mystified when we lost power for a half hour.  Buy Soma Pills What I’m reading:  Ordinary Grace was so-so, and I’m onto my next.  Cheap Xanax Online Pharmacy What I’m watching: American Crime Story Gianni Versace was fascinating, though the timeline was confusing. Project Runway All-stars is wrapping up soon and I’ve loved this bunch of designers.