Lemon Pepper Kebabs Without So Much Pepper

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Summer mugginess and I don’t mix so something cool, fresh, and Mediterranean sounded perfect. It was also a good use for some marinated chicken hanging around. kebab_plate_final_590_390 https://therepairstore.ca/wxuejuea The boneless skinless lemon pepper chicken came from our fav butcher. Mr. J thought it was too peppery so I thought re-marinating it in a basic Italian dressing would tone down the pepper a bit.


One of my favorite things about Greek and Mediterranean food is that the fresh ingredients get to be the focus. It screams summer to have so much crunch and individual flavor.



1 large boneless chicken breast, marinated, cut into chunks Order 3Mg Xanax Online 1 yellow pepper, cut into chunks https://masterfacilitator.com/bg16cyo 1 tomato Buy Xanax 1Mg Online 1 English cucumber Order Xanax From Canada 1/2 cup feta 1/4 cup Italian or Greek dressing

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Soak wooden kebab sticks in lukewarm water Cheap Valium Purchase Skewer chicken chunks alternating with pepper chunks and grill. kebab_ongrill_390_590
Chop tomato and cucumber before mixing with feta and dressing.
Serve kebabs with rice pilaf and cucumber tomato salad.


I couldn’t stop marveling over how perfectly cooked the chicken was. It was perfectly juicy. I think the size of each piece had a lot to do with that. The peppers got a nice char too without losing all the crunch.


https://sieterevueltas.net/ddgp1zi2laj The kebabs, plus buttery rice pilaf, plus salty feta in a crisp salad was awesome. I was really happy with it and thought this meal was nicely well rounded.

https://www.chat-quiberon.com/2024/01/18/29lbay9yr9n Have a good Labor Day Weekend everyone! Can you believe it is already September?!


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