Walk Like an Elephant

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I finally got a chance to try Elephant Walk! I’ve been wanting to but just haven’t thought of it when it was actually time to go out! I’ve lived near several locations now so it was about time. source link elephantwalk_menu_390_390 follow site After a beachy day and before a night on the town, a wonderful gaggle of girls and I ate here for a bachelorette party. I really loved my meal and was totally intrigued by all the other meals! I should confess I had no idea what Cambodians ate…apparently quite similar to their neighbors in Thailand. Lots ‘o rice and meat with veggies.We had our own table in a great little niche downstairs. It was so great to be able to ‘do our own thing’ (read as: be as chatty and loud as we wanted). Buy Crescent Diazepam elephantwalk_drink_390_390 https://www.nnhopes.org/nnh-blog/7sy11210 I started with a sweet & pear flavored cocktail. I don’t remember exactly what was in it…wish they posted a cocktail menu online since this would be a fun one to recreate.


https://clikealo.com/7nmr6nhs6k We shared some rouleaux and some vegetarian rouleaux.  These spring rolls were fried & crispy like a Chinese egg roll. They came with tuk trey a sweet & spicy sauce for dipping. The rouleaux were great for sharing and came with plenty to go around. follow elephantwalk_aps_590_390 https://mybeautybunny.com/96ui97wt4s2 I chose a shrimp curry dish called Curry de Crevettes…how creative. It came with asparagus, bok choy, snow peas and a mound of rice. I forgot to ask for brown rice though. I like that it’s more flavorful and nutty than white rice. The health benefits don’t hurt either. https://www.mtwmag.com/c7bptcng elephantwalk_shrimp_590_390 source It was a sizeable portion and I ate the shrimp out once I started getting full since I knew I wouldn’t take it with me.

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https://www.nnhopes.org/nnh-blog/cjx6w3za The bride-to-be got a veggie curry entree which looked really good. We made a stop back to her apt before going out so she was smart to take the rest wtih her. source elephantwalk_vegg_590_390 Buy Diazepam Tablets I thought the presentation on this pork special was great. I usually hate when meat is sliced for me but they made this look good! The crisp greens on top made me very intrigued. https://www.woolcan.net/eubt8yjv elephantwalk_beef_590_390 Buy Real Valium The beef tips (Loc Lac) seemed like the most simple dish on the menu. They are grilled with black pepper, garlic, & soy. There was a lime dipping sauce I would have liked to try…especially given my love for lime dressing. Buy Valium Sleeping Tablets elephantwalk_beeftips_590_390 https://clikealo.com/qlqsbnyce With such a big menu I loved that the French influence made it easy for me to scan quickly to get to chicken or fish! There were tons of vegetarian options (like tofu not just meatless options) and lots of gluten free choices. I liked the sauces a lot and thought everything seemed really fresh and flavorful.


https://vilarriba.com/2023/11/06/cnzny86m3 I was really impressed. The food was really good and our servers were great. All of our meals came out at the same time and there were probably 10-12 of us! Like our friend Arnold might say, I’ll be back.


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