Gyro-style Wrap with Chicken Sausage

Chicken sausages are a regular go-to for dinner at our house. They’re fully cooked, so they’re just so speedy for a weeknight dinner. I was thinking I’d quickly sear them for that caramelized exterior to suggest gyro. I used weird wraps for this but the premise of this sandwich was good!
The Three Bite Rule - Gyro Wrap

The wraps were lavash wraps which are fantastic for roll-style wraps, but not so much for this wrap-like-a-pita.

Gyro Style Wraps with Chicken Sausage

Ingredients:  (for 2 wraps)

2 chicken sausages
2 cups/handfuls of frozen seasoned fries
2 wraps: tortillas, pitas, etc
1 cup lettuce
creamy caesar dressing (optional, or use Italian dressing, or a schmear of hummus, or balsamic vinegar)
1 small tomato


Bake the fries, according to the package.
Pan sear the chicken sausages (or cook through if not fully cooked). Then slice into coins.
The Three Bite Rule - Gyro Wrap
Lay out the wrap and top with lettuce, creamy caesar, tomatoes, chicken sausage slices, and fries.
The Three Bite Rule - Gyro Wrap
Roll and enjoy!
The Three Bite Rule - Gyro Wrap
I trimmed these lavash breads as they’re really best suited with the filling spread all over it and then rolled like a pinwheel. Wrap the bottom in foil for street-food eatability. Is eatability a word? WordPress seems to think so and isn’t correcting me!

I admit this isn’t my most signature dish ever. I liked the seasoned fries in there. It was a great use for a very itty bit we had in the freezer. I’d use different wraps next time, but these totally hit the spot and I think the fries + chicken sausage + creamy caesar makes this. Plus, the fries only needed 20 minutes so in the time I plopped them into the oven, I then just seared the sausages and prepped the filling and they were done. Poof! Din-din!

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