Gettin’ Crafty

I was so excited about my many pinned projects but I couldn’t share these with you until I gave them to their lucky recipients. I made coasters for my bridesmaids  as part of their gifts. crafts_coasters_590_390 The coasters were SUPER easy. Also very inexpensive. They’d make a really quick weekend project so get to work.


4 ceramic tiles (16 cents per piece) 1 piece of scrapbook paper (32 cents per piece, reversible if possible or wrapping paper) modge podge & sponge brush acrylic spray 16 self adheasive furniture protective footers, or 8 cut in halves (or small squares of felt)

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Directions Cut scrapbook paper for each tile. I did 2 coasters with a square and 2 coasters with the design carefully cut out. Lay everything out and modge podge over it. Let dry, and repeat (don’t forget the edges) Let dry, and spray with acrylic spray When dry, apply the furniture protective footers to each bottom corner I thought these were fun and very easy. The longest part of the project was letting them dry! Supplies were cheap and I assume I’ll use the modge podge and acrylic spray again on other items. crafts_coasters_390_590 My sis/maid-of-honor got something else and requested some coasters for xmas. She’ll be really surprised to open some…wink, wink. I saw huge tiles that screamed “I want to be a kitchen table trivet”. Maybe it will get that chance.

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