Wine Cork Craft 4

Buy Xanax Aus I think I’ve been saving wine corks for what seems like forever. It’s not that I don’t drink enough wine, it is moreso that some of my favorite wines have rubber corks which are good for nothing. I did learn in Sonoma that the fake wanna-be corks, or screwtop bottles don’t indicate the quality of the wine at all.
I started one cork craft but ran out of corks and had to table it until I had some more. For Christmas my brother and sister in law gave me a wine cork tray-kit I’d been eyeing. To top it off, my mother-in-law gave me a BAG of corks. It was perfect I could get right to it!
The kit suggested that I map out my pattern before gluing. Good point.
I liked this every-other pattern. I had to trim a few but they cut surprisingly easily. I loved that I could get a few of my super special ones into good parts of the pattern. We went to a winey in Spain on the honeymoon so that cork is in there, and my bachelorette party started at a local winery so that cork is there.
wine_cork_closeup_590_390 I’m scooting off to Florida for the weekend just kidding! I’m dropping by for about 18-hours for Ms. M’s wedding and I’ll be remotely drinking to Mrs. A’s birthday! Work is too crazy to be gone but I’m excited for some some celebrating with my hometown ladies! All of that will keep me busy and help to deal with the fact that once again, I cannot attend the Bacon & Beer Festival

Gussy Up Glass Plates

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follow When Journey Chic had a call for guest posts I was psyched and had a few projects in mind. For as many serving vessels as I have, I don’t have many dishes that aren’t huge platters. I saw these dressed up plates on Pinterest and thought ‘done’. Check out my guest post (as well as some other rockin’ projects) at Journey Chic.

get link I’m not quite as crafty as I’d like to be. I had a flopped glass etching project but have since been more realistic with napkin rings and tile coasters. These plates were easy, cute, and totally cheap.


enter site Glass plate
1 sheet of scrapbook paper
mod podge
acrylic sealer
paint brush (foam or bristled)

Directions Trace the paper to fit your glass plate.
Cut your traced line leaving ⅛ less on all sides.
My plates were squares so I worried about my ability to stay straight/even so I used scrap booking scissors that look like a jagged cut.
Snip from the edge towards the center in the four corners (or 4 times for a circle).
Brush the plate evenly with mod podge and stick the paper on (decorative side towards the glue). Prop it up with a jar lid or bottle underneath so you can easily paint with mod podge all the way to the edge.
Smooth gently from the center towards the edges making sure wrinkles are out and all of the paper is stuck down.
Evenly spread mod podge over the paper allowing to dry between coats (1 or 2 coats).
Once fully dry spray paper side of plates with acrylic sealer in a well ventilated space.
These looked really streaky before they dried but came out really nice in the end. I thought wrapping paper would have been fun to make birthday or holiday plates too. I’d advise against a directional design unless you can be really careful. I had a square plate and striped paper so the lines had to match up perfectly.
I’m curious about trying it with fabric if it were soaked in mod podge. Hmmm. Maybe that’s a future test.
Note that these can’t be submerged in water, they are more of a cookie plate. To clean, wipe them off and let air dry.

Order Prescription Xanax It seems like everywhere has plain glass plates for sale that are pretty cheap. Thrift stores usually have them too. I grabbed mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for only a few bucks per plate. I had the paper, mod podge, and sealer already so this was a very cheap craft. I will definitely keep this in mind next time I need to bring food to somebody then I don’t need the plate back!

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Cost breakdown: Glass plate: $2.99
Scrapbook paper: $0.28 per page
Mod Podge: $7.00 which will last a lifetime
total: about $4.00

Put a Ring On It

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” ”Cause if you liked it you should have put a ring on it”
With the help of my crafty mom, I made napkins to go with the super cute napkin rings I saw Martha make. I’m loving napkin rings right now. The napkin rings are preppy and festive, and had my sister’s name alllll over them. They were part of her maid of honor gift. The bridesmaids got these.
I ordered the D-rings and ribbon from M&J Trimming. Both were very cheap.

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get link 12 D-rings the same size as the ribbon (I used ⅝ but would go bigger next time. 2 D-rings per napkin, 29 cents per ring)
1 yard ribbon, ⅝ inches wide (approx. $1.00 per yard)
hot glue
clear nail polish (or modge podge)

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enter Cut ribbon in 6, 6-inch strips
Lay 2 D-rings at one end of the ribbon
Fold that end of ribbon back over the straight part of the D-ring and glue.

Cut the loose end at an angle and brush a little clear nail polish over the end so it won’t fray.
That’s it!I tried tacky glue but it didn’t work at all, much to my surprise. They close just like a belt. I probably shouldn’t have used a one sided patterned ribbon because the tail loops backwards through the rings. Ohh well. These napkin rings were really easy. The napkins were a bit more time consuming but I had access to mom’s fabric and sewing machine, as well as her help. I thought black and white would be a good halloween-y  design and would also work as anytime decor. Sis loves her table-scapes!

Gettin’ Crafty

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I was so excited about my many pinned projects but I couldn’t share these with you until I gave them to their lucky recipients. I made coasters for my bridesmaids  as part of their gifts.
The coasters were SUPER easy. Also very inexpensive. They’d make a really quick weekend project so get to work.

“Ingredients” 4 ceramic tiles (16 cents per piece)
1 piece of scrapbook paper (32 cents per piece, reversible if possible or wrapping paper)
modge podge & sponge brush
acrylic spray
16 self adheasive furniture protective footers, or 8 cut in halves (or small squares of felt)


Buy 1000 Xanax Bars Cut scrapbook paper for each tile. I did 2 coasters with a square and 2 coasters with the design carefully cut out.
Lay everything out and modge podge over it.
Let dry, and repeat (don’t forget the edges)
Let dry, and spray with acrylic spray
When dry, apply the furniture protective footers to each bottom corner I thought these were fun and very easy. The longest part of the project was letting them dry! Supplies were cheap and I assume I’ll use the modge podge and acrylic spray again on other items.
My sis/maid-of-honor got something else and requested some coasters for xmas. She’ll be really surprised to open some…wink, wink. I saw huge tiles that screamed “I want to be a kitchen table trivet”. Maybe it will get that chance.