Friends Thanksgiving Sandwich 0
The Three Bite Rule - Friends Thanksgiving Sandwich

Buy Alprazolam As a forever-Friends-fan, those Thanksgiving episodes are the best! Monica makes historic leftovers sandwiches with a “moist maker” of gravy soaked bread in the middle. It totally takes it over the top! Plan your leftovers accordingly! This is so good! Even if you don’t have leftovers, roasting a turkey breast (or use thick deli turkey – I won’t tell)! A box of stuffing is easy to make just enough for this- or use some for these amazing Thanksgiving Meatballs with stuffing and dried cranberries! Friends Thanksgiving Sandwich Ingredients: (serves 2) Cheap Xanax 2Mg Uk 6 slices of bread 4 slices of turkey 1 cup stuffing 1/2 cup gravy 1/4 cup cranberry sauce 2 tablespoons mayo 1 1/2 cup arugula Directions: Toast 4 slices of the bread (leaving 2 un-toasted). Warm the turkey, stuffing, and gravy. Buy Diazepam Liquid Trim the crust off the remaining 2 slices and dip them into the gravy to soak.

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The Three Bite Rule - Friends Thanksgiving Sandwich Spread cranberry sauce onto one of the toasted slices for each sandwich and a smear of mayo onto the other. Lay the arugula on top of the cranberry sauce, then the stuffing, then the gravy soaked bread, then the turkey, then the bread.
The Three Bite Rule - Friends Thanksgiving Sandwich

Slice and enjoy!

This was so fun and perfectly decadent. The tart cranberries and peppery arugula seems necessary with the heft of everything else
The Three Bite Rule - Friends Thanksgiving Sandwich

It is such a good idea as a stable way to get the gravy in there without it dripping off your sandwich!

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