Fontina and Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula

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Cheap Generic Xanax Ahhhhrugula! I think I’ve decided that if I were going to eat one food for the rest of my life it’d be pizza. I love all sorts of crazy toppings and I have learned a thing or two. I was partially inspired by the last pretty authentic neopolitan pizza I’ve had lately (Antico Forno) when I dreamed this one up. I also was feeling a salad-y topped pizza for a change too. It’s nicely springy and would even be a good vehicle for any leftover Easter ham you have kicking around! arugula_pizza_arugula_590_390


pizza dough Buy Xanax 2Mg Uk Online 1 tbs chopped garlic 3 tbs olive oil 2 cups shredded fontina 4-6 slices of prosciutto 3 cups arugula drizzle of truffle oil ¼ cup with shaved Parmesan

Directions: Pre-bake the crust for 15 minutes at 425 degrees. arugula_pizza_dough_590_390 Buy Soma Fast Shipping Top with cheese and garlic/olive oil mixture brushed on crust. Return to the oven until melted (about 5 minutes) arugula_pizza_bottom_590_390 Once out of the oven, top with slices of prosciutto Buy Diazepam In Bulk arugula_proscuitto_590_390 Then top with arugula tossed with truffle oil arugula_slice_590_390

Buy Soma Overnight It was good, and different. I liked the few quality ingredients. The prosciutto was salty and the fontina was googy and nutty. By not cooking the prosciutto, it kept it really soft and bite-able. arugula_pizza_cheese_590_390 I actually didn’t top the whole thing since obviously it was going to be lunch the next day. It reheated well too!