Fish-Fish Tacos

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Buy Cheap Diazepam From India I’m usually on my own for dinner a few nights per week when Mr. J plays hockey. Sometimes I go for leftovers, sometimes it’s an opportunity be lazy (read as: ramen), and sometimes it’s my chance to whip up something I wouldn’t normally make for dinner.  A week ago I made some fish tacos that were amazing. I grilled some mahi-mahi and called in some leftovers to complete it.

Do you remember the movie House Bunny? “Instead of the mahi-mahi can I just get mahi cause I’m not that hungry?” hahaha

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Ingredients: 2 pieces of marinated mahi mahi veggie mix (corn, red peppers, or taco veggies of your choice) 1 tsp lime juice or lime salad dressing salsa 1 10” flour tortilla


Marinate and grill mahi mahi Buy Valium Eu fish_taco_cooked_290_200 When cooked, fork the fish apart Mix veggies and drizle with lime juice or lime salad dressing fish_taco_veg_290_200 Order Diazepam From China Warm tortilla and assemble taco fish_taco_done_290_200

These were really good and especially easy. I get the frozen mahi mahi from Trader Joe’s and swear by it. It’s the best anywhere. Remember I made pepperjack chicken and succotash recently? I saved the leftover succotash and that’s what ended up as my veggies for the tacos. Love it when a little bit of leftover something can make another meal complete!

I think a lime aioli or something creamy with a zing would have made these even better, but for an unplanned dinner, these were awesome. It was the perfect light but interesting dinner. I ate some leftover fish on a spinach salad the next day and loved it just as much.