February 2017 Recap

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Buy Cheap Valium From India Feb wasn’t the speediest month to pass. So often I’m caught in time as a whirlwhind but Feb felt like the right speed. We had some snowy days and then some unseasonably hot days. I got to read a bunch and we’re totally caught up on DVR (which feels like a serious accomplishment). Our poor Bailee dog isn’t doing well. She’s been without an appetite, lost a lot of weight, and is severely anemic. We’re not sure what’s up but just hope she feels ok.

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go Hands down, my fav meal this month was a little Valentine’s Day surprise charcuterie and tips to build a better charcuterie board. get link The Three Bite Rule - Build A Better Charcuterie Board https://naturallyequine.com/2023/11/gx08vga I was loving this healthified peanut butter, banana, and nutella smoothie…just as good as the original! https://clikealo.com/cb3g4d9g5lg The Three Bite Rule - Healthified Smoothie follow url This super quick gnocchi with roasted tomatoes was the ideal, hands-free dinner. Perfect for chasing a toddler…or whatever you might be doing. https://vaidosaefeminina.com/index.php/ynt827q The Three Bite Rule - Tomato & Basil Gnocchi

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https://vaidosaefeminina.com/index.php/ut2zl5a https://palmlabsadhesives.com/c7ak55z follow Let’s bring on March! My birthday month!! Order Valium Uk

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Buy Valium With Mastercard Online The Little One: https://mybeautybunny.com/f8ou9o0c His 2-year-old molars came in promptly! He had a rough few days but was just so dang cute saying “cheek huuurts”. He is loving painting & coloring. We’re marveling at what he knows. He coughed and I asked, “where did that cough come from” thinking he hadn’t been sick at all the day before. He answered “mouf”. True story. His fav food right now is jelly. Although rice is a tricky one to eat, he loves the challenge. He is hating coming inside from playing. He watched Mr. J cut his own hair and was mesmerized. Now he likes to make a buzz sound running his hand over people’s heads. The little one is quite concerned about “Bab-ee sick?” so let’s all cross our fingers we all do ok.


https://mybeautybunny.com/ny6nz1u https://www.lizandryan.com/g8hx1uamyo https://www.woolcan.net/sxz0asnw6a Monthly goals: go Year of the seasonal decor: I missed Feb, let’s see what I can come up with for March https://palmlabsadhesives.com/j8kgjtfq923 do more dinner prep more in advance: Yes! I’ve prepped some doubles and got to pull a frozen one out once a week. https://thelearninglamp.org/km6wft34liq read more (and always carry my book on me): I read The Invention of Wings with bookclub and The Royal We watch more movies: Snowden left me befuddled. I was impressed by the story for Sully.
cook more fish: struggle-bus
focus on clothes that I really like: I capitalized on some Loft points + $20 off +a 10% off night. I took home a mixed media top, some clearance herringbone dress pants, and a sweater that’s more like a shirt.
monthly grocery store ingredient:


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