Farro Breakfast Bowl with Egg, Bacon & Everything Bagel Seasoning

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https://www.jaumebalmes.com/2tq6nxki My grocery store’s grain offerings are scant and uber expensive so amazon prime came to the rescue! I love texture and nuttiness of different grains and had leftover farro from a lunch I packed. The beauty of this breakfast bowl is the base could be any leftover grain.


https://www.aytolardero.org/2023/09/14/jo85mr1 The Three Bite Rule - Farro Breakfast Bowl

Here’s by bowl formula:

https://artesaniadelapalma.com/7p4g6lmind grain: farro; cracked wheat; brown rice; lentils; bulgar, wheat berries, quinoa, cauliflower rice Ambien Paypal greens: baby spinach; kale; chard https://araquealuminios.com/mhbyu3p38 meat: bacon; sausage; ham topper: fried egg; soft boiled egg; avocado; sauteed mushrooms; cheese

https://acuasec.com/pszujptedz2 So much of this can be prepped in advance, which is perfect for breakfast, or dinner! I used leftover farro and made some everything bagel seasoning in advance. My spice drawer does not need one more jarred spice so I make my own seasoning, but I’ve seen this for sale.


Farro Breakfast Bowl with Egg, Bacon & Everything Bagel Seasoning


https://acatfcl.cat/yeadu1e8q0 ~1 cup prepared farro (or other grain) 1 teaspoon minced onion https://elartedemedir.com/blog/5hx1uyzcg 1/2 teaspoon poppy seeds 1/2 teaspoon sesame seeds dash kosher salt & cracked pepper https://culturviajes.org/2023/09/14/uxmt0kon 3 strips of bacon https://www.balantia.com/es/m6lkebx 2 cups fresh baby spinach https://alfombrasbsb.com/cto3r0jw 1 egg



https://elmilanoreal.com/x94qcf75g60 Cook the grain or use leftovers. Add minced onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, salt & pepper to a small dry pan to medium heat for 2-5 minutes. Then remove from the pan immediately (that minced onion goes from toasted to burnt quickly!)
Then pan fry the bacon until crisp and remove to drain on paper towel.
Drain the bacon grease from the pan and saute the greens for 3-5 minutes with a tiny bit remaining in the pan.


The Three Bite Rule - Farro Breakfast Bowl
Assemble the bowl with the farro, greens, half of the bacon, and a teaspoon of the everything bagel seasoning all mixed together.
Fry or soft boil the egg and add on top, with a last sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning and remaining bacon.
The Three Bite Rule - Farro Breakfast Bowl
I looooved this. It has some of my thinking of a bacon, egg and seasoning breakfast grain bowl, but was sooo much better because of the greens and the runny yolk. You are winning your day if you eat something green before 9am.


https://araquealuminios.com/tg8mquqsb3 I’ll totally want to get a sausage, egg, and cheese with everything bagel seasoning variation going because that’s my go-to bfast sandwich choice.