Eggy Toast 3


go to link Mr. J has a new signature dish! He has perfected this bfast dish and all I can say is keep ‘em coming! Eggs and toast make this a great go-to meal. We’ve had it for dinner when it seemed like there was nothing.


go here 4 slices of wheat bread, buttered
4 eggs


go site Grill buttered bread lightly on both sides
Using a biscuit cutter or jar top cut out holes in the center of the bread
Return the bread to the pan and crack an egg into each hole
Cook the egg until set and flip
eggtoast_flipped_290_200 The eggs were perfectly cooked through with a runny yolk and the toast was crispy. Also, the gently toasted toast circles popped out of the toast make for a great bite while waiting for the real thing.
eggtoast_plate_290_200 Mr. J thought toasting the bread in the pan before popping out the center made for a crispier edge. He served a little potato red pepper hash on the side. Yum!

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