Easter Round Up – Making it Special, While Small

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I thought Easter meals could still be fun despite being a bit smaller. Here are a few of my favorites, that can also be easily halved if you have fewer guests this year!


You NEED this carrot shaped cheese ball plus it is easy to make half the recipe for a little one- for just a few people. So cute! Mix up the cheese in advance and assemble before serving. Because the exterior is just cheese, I’d totally keep it eating it another time if you have leftovers! This cheese ball is prob my fav, so form it into a carrot shape! The Three Bite Rule - Carrot Cheese Ball Deviled eggs are a fun nibble while little ones are hunting for plastic eggs! Also, make just a few! I think these Breakfast Deviled Eggs will be on our table for a savory bite and I’ll probably just make a few, as in, 3 eggs worth? Eyeball it- or add them to your dinner spread using any eggs you dyed! I love Caesar Deviled Eggs and Bacon & Ranch Deviled Eggs and Sour Cream & Onion Deviled Eggs. The Three Bite Rule - Breakfast Deviled Eggs Breakfast foods can be easy to make half of too! I definitely recommend a baked french toast – this one is Nutella Croissant Baked French Toast is amazing! The Three Bite Rule - Nutella Croissant Baked French Toast
Flipping a ham dinner into sandwiches or into a pizza would be fun, if you’re not making a whole ham!
The Three Bite Rule - Ham & Cheddar Pizza with Mustard Drizzle


Enjoy Easter! Hope the bunny brings some treats!

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